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PS4 Autosave icon spins forever in-game, and game hangs on 'save and exit', can't make any progress


My world started glitching at times, where my character would freeze and some on screen effects would play on a loop, but enemies would still move and attack (damage sounds still played, but nothing would happen). Then, after a few session where this happened, I have started not being able to save any progress.

After playing for a few minutes the autosave icon will appear and not go away like it is not finishing successfully. Then when I save and exit, it goes to the saving screen, hits 100% almost immediately and stays at 100%. I've left it for up to an hour and it does not complete.

I've found old posts about uploading a save file for a corrupted save to be looked at, I followed the instructions there but no one downloaded the file or got back to me at all so that might not be an active line of support anymore, I'm not sure. Is there any way to recover this save to a point where I can continue?

I'm on PS4 pro, currently on system version 7.51, terraria version 1.21 (unsure what version I was on when the issue began, I left it and have come back to try it a few times in the last couple of months but the issue stays the same). World size is large.

Any help would be greatly appreciated
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