Builds Ballin' houses by Eiv

Nice houses you have here! I really like the roofs ! And I see that you are a symmetry lover. Keep up with the good work.
Hello again, here's a new house, one by a lake.

Absolutely love it. I see you actually managed to use bubblegum block in a build and still make it looks mostly decent. I still vehemently refuse to touch the stuff, so kudos to you.

I think those are wood fences.
Took me a while to see it too.
Edit: no...wait...are they? Not again! ):

I think he coloring the background Wall with a brighter Color and that wall must be out of the same material like the frontblock.

I can´t test it now ;( so all Builder feel free to test and write it down.

Or the creator himself talk to us ^^ ?
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I've always liked how Pink Dungeon Brick looked as a stone-type brick. If only there were a version without the eyes, though.

EDIT: Also good to know I'm not the only one who noticed cactus wall painted brown looks like wood.
You have awesome buildings!)
The interior is very comfortable - very like this)
Your buildings served as an inspiration - thanks for that)
Сontinue to build as the same!)
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Oooh! A new one! Pretty!

Is that painted Stone and Sandstone Slab? (Or whatever the blocks you craft at the heavy workbench is?)
Also, What platforms are those? They're shockingly unfamiliar....
I've just noticed every builder's greatest nemesis:
The random thing of gel sitting around somewhere in your build. (in front of the Crystal ball)

The blocks are indeed stone/sandstone slabs.
The platforms are spooky platforms combined with bone platforms (spooky only where platform connects to a block).

Ahhh! That gel >,< :red: off slimes.
Fantastic looking houses! I particularly like the hanging house you just posted. Super compact, but looks great. Hell, they all look great! Can't wait to seem more ^.^
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