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Sprites Banner Utility Slot

Discussion in 'Equipment' started by AntithesisEK, Jan 15, 2016.

  1. AntithesisEK

    AntithesisEK Golem

    Banners are an interesting item. The buff they provide can be pretty useful, even in expert mode. However, they're unwieldy. While it's easy to simply place them on a block, it would be ideal to have some mobility. I have seen a few people try their hand at this idea because it is a promising concept. That said, I've made my approach a bit different.

    The Warbanner of Battles Past

    Banners provide a powerful buff, primarily the damage reduction from a specific enemy. Functioning much like the Demon Heart, the warbanner will unlock an additional slot under the player's utility tab, where hook and mount are located. One banner can be equipped at a time and does not stack with placed versions of the same type.


    One fallen soldier's treasure, is a living warrior's power.

    Thematically, it is found the same way as the Enchanted Sword except far more plentiful and found only in the Dungeon. Break open the rubble to receive powerful relic. Ideally five or even six per dungeon to accommodate several characters or busy multiplayer worlds.

    • As a utility slot, this would allow you to toggle any enemy banner on your character as a battle standard. Bear the flag of your favorite monster, worst enemy or apply dyes.
    • Potential for vanity banners that do not have stat bonuses. A new use for silk perhaps? Or a new collectible like paintings?
    • Possibly each time you destroy the debris that holds a warbanner, a Shredded Scrap would also drop. Four scraps equal another banner.

    So what do you think? As I said I believe some people have also tried similar ideas so I think it's clear something like this is desired in the game.

    Thanks to @Milt69466 for cooking up those sprites for me.
  2. Snickerbobble

    Snickerbobble The Painter

    This would be really handy, especially in expert mode. I only wish there was a banner that counted to all slimes! Or just lower the stat increase.. by the time I have Nebula Blaze I'd like to one hit kill green and blue slimes..

    How about making these placeable too, and 20 or so tattered cloth at one creates another?
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  3. RushOfCold

    RushOfCold Spazmatism

    Yeah, banners can be a hassle sometimes, this fixes it.
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  4. Blulectric

    Blulectric Official Terrarian

    I was hoping for a sprite of a player wearing it.
    So if a player wore it would it look sort of like this?
    I had a similar idea I was literally just working on below before I saw this post. I think I like your Warbanner concept better than my cape idea.
    (Edit) I combined the two to make this! :p
    Last edited: Jan 18, 2016
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  5. AntithesisEK

    AntithesisEK Golem

    Aha! I was about to say that the first one is not quite right but your third attempt is very much in line with the concept. Although the wooden standard would be a little lower on the character sprite ideally. But yes, the idea is that it would show the full version of the equipped banner if toggled on, as opposed to a static sprite or the item version.
  6. Elzébio

    Elzébio Official Terrarian

    While on open areas, this looks AWESOME, it may look a bit awkward at closed spaces, as it increases a player's height from 3 blocks to what seems like roughly 5 blocks. Considering it wouldn't have a hitbox, it would clip a lot when you're in a tunnel. Other than that, it's a great suggestion and you have my undyingly support. ;)
  7. AntithesisEK

    AntithesisEK Golem

    If I'm not mistaken Wings, which show on the back as the warbanner would, tend to superimpose over blocks so they rarely look like they're clipping. So it could simply work like that.

    The actual in-game appearance remains to be seen anyway. I'm glad you like the concept!