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  1. SimeaseKitten

    SimeaseKitten Spazmatism

    Banzai Bill Boss
    The Banzai Bill Boss summon item crafting recipe would be:

    [​IMG] {20} Iron Ore

    [​IMG] {2} Souls of Fright

    [​IMG] {2} Souls of Might

    [​IMG] {1} Geyser

    [​IMG] {3} Dart Traps
    "Bad idea you are shooting for..."

    It would craft a Prototype Bullet which would look like: New Piskel (5).gif

    Banzai Bill can only be summoned during DAY and after all three Mech Bosses have been defeated. Even though you can summon him beating the Mech bosses, it isn't recommended to spawn him that time. When Prototype Bullet is used, the sky would turn dark gradually until thunder storm whips up. After a 30 seconds has passed, Banzai Bill has awoken!

    His appearance is pretty big frightening, as his height is 40x80 blocks in length and height. Another scary feature is his eye follows your character.

    His AI is pretty simple as he would follow you at 30 mph with slow turning speed (About turning 90 degrees in 2 seconds at 30 mph). Just don't touch him or its gonna hurt

    Sprite at bottom of Page
    Type Boss
    AI Type Banzai Bill AI

    Damage 220/400 (melee)
    50/210 (Back Fire)
    Max Life 40200 / 55000
    Defense 20

    [​IMG] {8-19} Titanium Bars [100%]

    [​IMG]{8-19} Adamantite Bars [100%]

    [​IMG] {23-34} Lead Bars [100%]

    [​IMG] {23-34} Iron Bars [100%]

    [​IMG] {50-72} of a Random Ammunition in the Game [100%]

    New Piskel (7).gif {80-135} Rocket V [50%] [100% Expert]

    New Piskel (8).gif {1} Bullet Hook [100% Expert Only]

    [​IMG] {89-95} Gold [100%]

    Once down to 3/4 of his HP, his movement speed increases to 33 mph (35 mph in expert) simply not much of a change.

    When at half health, movement speed increases to 35 mph (38 mph in expert). His minions start coming in. They will start spawning off screen and attack the player at 45 mph and explode upon impact using dungeon spirit AI to attack. A Bullet Bill mini spawns every second.

    Bullet Bill Mini
    New Piskel (6).gif
    Type Flying Enemy
    AI Type Dungeon Spirit AI
    Damage 130 / 190
    Max Life 50 / 120
    Defense 25
    KB Resist 100%

    [​IMG][​IMG][​IMG] {1-2) Heart [50%]

    When Banzai Bill's health reaches 1/4, his speed starts increasing identically on how the WoF's speed increases when it starts losing HP. His Mini Bullet Bills spawn every 1/2 (1/3 on expert) of a second.

    When Banzai Bill's HP reaches zero, it's speed drops dramatically to 10 mph and melee damage drops to 20 (30 on expert). It then will explodes for 600 damage (Instant death if in expert) in five seconds. Any npc or player on the screen with Banzai Bill on the screen as well will take the explosion damage. If you don't die, you will get the drops (The drops will teleport to you).

    New Piskel (2) (3).gif

    Rocket V Stats

    76 Ranged Damage
    Huge Blast Radius
    Doesn't Destroy Tiles
    Sell Price: [​IMG] {15}

    Bullet Hook Stats
    Reach: 28 tiles
    Velocity: 25
    Hooks: 1
    Latching: Single
    Sell Price : [​IMG] {10}
    Anything hit by hook takes 40 damage.

    Thanks for reading! This is my first time doing a suggestion with sprites I made. Feedback is crucial.

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  2. TheWorfer27

    TheWorfer27 Retinazer

    I really like the idea, but just a few things.
    1. Why no adamantite?
    2. This is a tad useless on normal
    3. "Banzai Bill has awakened!" Should be "Banzai Bill has awoken!" unless it's a reference I'm missing
    4. Every other boss has an 1.3 achievement. How about Stomped?
  3. SimeaseKitten

    SimeaseKitten Spazmatism

    1.) Thanks for reminding me! I can't believe I forgot adamantite
    2.) I don't get what you are trying to refer to
    3.) Whoops, my bad grammar! Changing it
    4.) Sounds like a good Idea for the achievement! I will have to sprite it though so it will take a while.
  4. TheWorfer27

    TheWorfer27 Retinazer

    Should of clarified. I mean the loot is pretty worthless for a lot of players
  5. Lord Garak

    Lord Garak Retinazer

    Well, you've made impressive progress on developing this idea. Almost as impressive as the impending lawsuit.
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  6. TheWorfer27

    TheWorfer27 Retinazer

    Introducing: Banzai Bob. May or may not be the same otherwise
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  7. SimeaseKitten

    SimeaseKitten Spazmatism

    I meant it to be pretty worthless as its more of a side boss than a main boss. Another reason is how easy it is to beat this boss with proper preparation.
  8. TheWorfer27

    TheWorfer27 Retinazer

    If that guy catches up with you you're gone in 2 hits
  9. SimeaseKitten

    SimeaseKitten Spazmatism

    Thats why i said if prepared for properly. Mine-cart tracks or asphalt blocks can make this fairly easy.
  10. TheWorfer27

    TheWorfer27 Retinazer

    But then you'd be ramming bullet bills at 80 mph between you
  11. SimeaseKitten

    SimeaseKitten Spazmatism

    Minis or Banzai?
  12. TheWorfer27

    TheWorfer27 Retinazer

    Minis, the high speed would be you running twoards them and them twoards you (unless I'm misunderstanding how they work)
  13. SimeaseKitten

    SimeaseKitten Spazmatism

    They have the same AI as a dungeon spirit. Their health is really low so if you hit it first, its probably dead. Also the minis don't gain speed like Banzai does.
  14. TheWorfer27

    TheWorfer27 Retinazer

    Oh I thought they were like regular bullet bills. I reccomend making them red
  15. SimeaseKitten

    SimeaseKitten Spazmatism

    I kinda like it metal. I actually am going to make a whole new biome that will combine with this boss. I was going to use red bullet bills for the biome.
  16. TheWorfer27

    TheWorfer27 Retinazer

    I said red because the red ones are seeker in mario
  17. SimeaseKitten

    SimeaseKitten Spazmatism

    I know.
  18. Celestial Creator

    Celestial Creator Steampunker

    I like it. However, I think it should have some items that only dropped by it. like an accessory that decreases ammo use chance
  19. SimeaseKitten

    SimeaseKitten Spazmatism

    Its more of a fun boss that is not aimed to impact the game, but something to have fun with, hinting why its expert drop is a grappling hook instead of an accessory or weapon.
  20. lFTLOGodsl

    lFTLOGodsl Terrarian

    download (1).jpg
    I rest my case.
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