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Tired of being under attack and all of the sudden your tinker get eviscerated?


Installing this mod makes all of your NPC's immortal! No more waiting for your tinker to respawn and move back in!

This mods version is v1.5 right now, please let me know of any bugs you find while using it!

I've updated to v011.8.9 of tmodloader! After being a terribly neglectful modder for the past few years, I've slapped myself in the face and updated this mod.
This update added a feature that allows you to turn the immortality of your town NPC's on and off. This is defaulted to the 'X' key. If it doesn't seem to be working please go to settings > controls > mod controls and bind the immortal key to what you want.

I'd also like to take a second to say thank you to everyone who has downloaded this mod because we have reached 20,000+ downloads! This happens to be one of my very first mods so this is an exciting milestone for me!

You can find the mod on tmodloader or just follow the link below to manually install it. Enjoy your immortal NPC's!

Download Mod Here
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I just checked on another PC, the mod is in the mod browser.
Could it not be showing up because you're not using tmodloader v0.7?


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I really want this mod because I love my npcs, but I really don't want this mod because I hate my angler.


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And still, the angler can only leave.. Honestly, I didn't know he was meant to be a child until I heard of that.

edit: Think I found a bug, guide doesent die and now I can't summon the wall of flesh :c
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Fantastic mod. I'm super-grateful for it.

Question though, please. Does it also affect the town NPCs added by other mods?


I have a problem... the cheat sheet mod added it so that you can spawn in npcs... and i also have this mod installed but my problem is that santa "tries" to die after i spawned him in but since this mod doesnt allow him to die he cant and it lags the game could you possibly change it so santa can die after his actual chirstmas dates? and im gonna go disable this mod reload the world to let santa die then im re enableing it...


for someone whom has mods with many npcs, trying to track them after any event/mob/boss that decides to kill them, is an absolute pain, i really wish this was still a thing..

Mirror B_i

It doesn't work. It's not in the mod browser. i place the TMOD file in the mods folder and it doesnt show up in game.


Sorry about the super long wait guys. I've been extremely busy with college as of late. I will do my best to get this mod updated to the newest version of TMOD within the next few days! Thank you guys for still trying and wanting to use this mod! Again, sorry for the terribly long wait.
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