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Battle Horn - Spawn all your sentries, all at once

I quite enjoy watching my sentries rip apart any and all enemies around me, but it's extremely cumbersome to relocate your defenses if you want to move. I understand that sentries generally are meant to stay in one spot and I respect that, but even just setting them up initially isn't great. What I propose is an item that will spawn in your sentries all at once. For the suggestion's sake I'm going to call it the Battle Horn and I'd say it could look like a medieval war horn, but it could realistically be anything. There are natural advantages and disadvantages to this which will hopefully balance out the idea.

How it would work
  • The sentries that are spawned as a result of using the horn would be up to which sentry spawning item comes first in the inventory.
  • Each sentry is automatically positioned around you using AI that would be similar to the Fire Imps/Dark Casters in the dungeon. This could be tweaked to require line-of-sight and some other restrictions.
  • The more sentries you spawn, the more mana is consumed. This prevents spamming the item if you are primarily using sentries.

  • Everything spawns in at once
  • Automatic positioning allows each sentry to be in a reasonable spot
  • You cannot choose to have a mix of sentries
  • Strategic positioning of the sentries is sacrificed for convenience

Alternatively, there could a version of the item that simply just spawns 2 or 3 of a sentry when you click. It would work how sentries already work, but it would spawn in an extra sentry or two around your cursor.

In terms of where this item would be found during progression, I'd imagine it could drop from a boss from the Old One's Army during the second or third difficulty setting. Since there isn't an equivalent to this item in Dungeon Defenders 2, it could also perhaps be sold by the travelling merchant after certain requirements are fulfilled?

Thanks for stopping by to read the suggestion! Let me know if there's something obvious that needs to be changed about it.
Nope cuz you may to make strategy not stupid AI realy its :red:
What are you on about? This allows for easy relocation or you can go with the traditional one at a time relocation of the sentries.

this is to make sentries more practical because very few people are willing to use sentries over minions.

Alex S

Nope you just need to make use time of sentries smaller and you not may to make special hardmode item
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