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PC Beat Terraria with Low% bestiary


What the minimum number of enemy to beat Terraria?
28 of 522
Low Bestiary.png

(5.36% Collected)
I think this challenge maybe can possible to beat it.
You can see the number of new enemy on bestiary.
You get + Bonus by bosses = Added number to Bestiary [The Bestiary current number]
The best way is normal mode.
Try not break any grass or ambient objects to avoid the critters.
Get good weapons and armor to fight Skeletron and Wall of Flesh. 3+4=8 [7]
Upgrade and battle with all three mechanical bosses. 4+1=5 [12]
Again upgrade and Plantera and Golem. 2 [14]
Next us Lunatic Cultist and the other Cultist. 3+2=5 [19]
Just only the Lunar Event left. THE WORST. One tower one enemy. 8 [27]
And the finally Moon Lord. 1 [28]

This challenge is the HELL,
I recommend it to those who know everything about Terraria.

Turn off the auto save and it you get a wrong enemy to Bestiary just Alt+F4.
Journey better because you can set the enemy spawn rate.
Be careful, try save multiple times because it a enemy kill a critter, that critter added to Bestiary.
With good luck you can get a golden Key in a Wooden Chest and even MORE luck a Shadow Key
The only way to kill any enemy without added to Bestiary is lava.
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