Beetle armour beetles should change to your dyes.


Empress of Light
I use beetle armour on my main character, who I have dyed black and green. However, the beetles going around my head are not the right colour scheme.

And, so, I propose one simple change: Make them colour to your dyes.

Since you get 3 beetles, or 1 beetle per piece, they could have each one be the same colour as a different piece's dye.
E.G: Say a character has a red dyed helmet, green dyed chestplate and blue dyed leggings. 1 beetle would be red, 1 blue and 1 green.

Also, as a bonus: The ability to disable set bonus vanity effects, like the Shadow armour's after-image or the Beetle armour's beetles.

Count Yum

Official Terrarian
I like this idea. I'm sick of wearing cool looking armor but having those dull purple beetles circling me..


Would love for this to be implemented in 1.4.5. My vote is all beetles take the chest dye color.
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