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Official Behind the scenes of Journey's End - A Q&A with the Programmers and Artists of Terraria

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Headless Horseman
What were the biggest roadblocks you encountered over the course of programming terraria? (For the programmers)
What were the trickiest enemies/objects to design, personally (For the artists)
And to both, what were your favourite features/designs that you implemented (Favourite mechanic, favourite design)

Y'all are awesome, so cheers if you answer! :)
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1. What's your favourite thing in general that you guys like to program the most and same for artist but drawing you know xd
2.What was your inspiration or what made you start doing what you do
3.What was the first thing you started by
That's all love you guys <3


Empress of Light
What was it like finally creating bosses for the Hallow, and how did you come up with the ideas for them? The Empress of Light in particular is very unique and unlike anything else seen in the game, so I'm curious about the thought process behind her addition. On a similar note, I'd like to ask the artists about the designs/aesthetics of both of those bosses, and the unique items and equipment that they drop.


As a person who's dipping their toes in the game dev scene, I'd love to know more about your journey in game development.
  1. What was your deciding moment that made you choose game dev?
  2. What does a typical workday consist of?
  3. What software (artists) and IDE (programmers) do you typically use?
  4. Dark mode or Light mode?
  5. What, in your opinion, is the leading factor that lead to Terraria's huge success?
  6. Have you ever had an item or mechanic that you wanted to implement in the game, but couldn't? And why?

Lycos Hayes

1. Why do your dev icons in this topic look like they'd fit in Stardew Valley?
2. What inspired the Dye system?
3. What was the hardest feature currently in the game to implement?
4. Has keeping Hoiking from breaking with new updates been a challenge?
5. What is the most loved Dye among the art team?
6. Which boss is most hated by the programmers?


1. To the programmers: what was your favorite mechanic/boss/item/anything to make?
2. To the artists: what is your favorite sprite/art piece that you've made?
3. Which is better for your first gold chest: Hermes Boots or Cloud in a Bottle?
4. What do you think is the best Hardmode ore armor?
5. How many lines of code do you estimate you've written for the game/how many sprites/pieces of art have you made for the game?
6. Programmers: What is your favorite c# loop or statement?
7. Artists: What is the most important specific hex color for your art?
8. Which terraria weapon requires the most amount of skill to be effective?
9. Have you played Final Fantasy? (sorry for the terrible question)
10. What was the first art you made or thing you programmed for the game?
Bonus: what should I add to my mod? (Hopefully I'm not violating the rules)


Lord Diogen

Your game is very good, so much so that I can't put up with some of its problems. I'm talking about problems with multiplayer. It is very easy to cheat on servers, create various objects that cause inconvenience to other players ' clients. Servers can maintain interest in the game and even increase it. And as a minigame server developer, I was convinced of that. So I really need a good multiplayer.

My question: Will you improve the multiplayer game?

The Frostburner

What's something you wish you added but couldn't because of, say, program limitations or disapproval from the rest of the team ?
On the other side, what's something you added into the game you wish you hadn't ?

What was the hardest thing you had to draw or program for the game ?

What are your favourite mods ?

As a team, how did you deal with the whole... distance working situation ?

Are you having a great day ?
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The Terramere

The Destroyer
1. How does it feel leaving terraria
2. When will you start working on your next project be?
3. Do you think that you will ever add terraria items into your future projects
4. Why did you say that after terraria you will work on your next project instead of game
5. Will you ever revisit the terraria concept, by creating a sequel or just turning it 3D etc.
6. Was 1.4 ever intended, was 1.3.6 supposed to be the last update, but got to big
7. Have you ever implemented part of your lives into the game.
8. Do you feel a special connection with the people you work with or are you just acquaintances.
9. What did it feel like when you talked about leaving terraria, did everyone agree or did someone want to stay with terraria


I have several questions:

1. What was the coolest concept that didn't make into the game?
2. Why there are no stronger spears than North Pole?
3. Is there a particular reason why there is no pre-hardmode flamethrower?
4. Why the dev team choosed XNA Framework for Terraria?
5. What type of crossovers were considered but in the end were scrapped?
6. What was the most time consuming art sprite besides Moon Lord's?
7. Do Terraria have some easter eggs that were still not discovered? `:naughty:
8. Do You guys at some point considered making armor reforges?


I have 2 questions, 1 for the programmers and 1 for the artists:

How did programming go with making the boss’ new expert mode A.I? Was it fun to program having to tweak some of the boss’ mechanics? Did you guys think about making new A.I for master mode, but got scrapped? If you guys would be able to change the A.I of one boss, what would it be? HOW DID YOU MAKE THE EMPRESS OF LIGHT’S DAYTIME FIGHT SO DIFFICULT? (I have nightmares over the many hours of attempts ;-; (this is a cry for help XD)

Was it difficult to make the Zenith’s art style (when you use the sword)? It looks like there’s a lot going on when you swing it. Was it you guys’ idea to make the crafting tree visible for the Zenith when you swing it? We’re there also other ideas for how the Zenith would actually look like?

I hope you guys answer the questions.
Loving Terraria like always, keep up the good work!
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