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Official Behind the scenes of Journey's End - A Q&A with the Programmers and Artists of Terraria

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Animus Viral

Skeletron Prime
Why was the world infections created and put into the game initially? Why did you feel like the corruption needed more counterparts to make hallow and then crimson? Why did you add the crimson as a counterpart to the corruption, was it because you wanted variety in the game? What was the idea about having the hallow appear after wall of flesh, like were you trying to make something that seemed fun and harmless but was actually pretty dangerous to lull players into a false sense of security?

Did you expect that you would get this far? What expectations did you have about being in Re-Logic initially? Are you proud of your work?

What happened for the idea of the Dungeon Defenders crossover? Was it a business prospect that they reached out to you, or did one of you know someone over on the Dungeon Defenders' side?

Any reason why the dev sets were added in the first place as unobtainable items? Were they a joke or a project you just decided to add in for fun initially?

What do you think of the community that Terraria has made?

If you could add one extra thing into Terraria, what would it be?

If you could take one thing from Terraria into the real world, what would it be?

How hard is it to program items into Terraria? Bosses and NPCs?


What is Crowno eating in the painting "Crowno Devours His Lunch"?

Other than your own, what is your favorite developer vanity set?

What is your favorite source of inspiration or eye candy? What drives you to create new items or sprites?


1. How come summoners took so long to get their own personal weapon(whips)?

2. Were whips planned for inclusion in 1.3.6 pre-merging with 1.4 or were they always going to be a 1.4 thing?


Official Terrarian
Theres a lot to take account for in terraria. (Materials, monsters, bosses, weapons, damage, etc.) How would you summarize the steps you took into completing not a just a block game, but the game of Terraria itself? Terraria is one of the most known block games out there, and it would be interesting to know how went about making such a complex game with so many pieces after knowing that you were going to produce it...

I've always wanted to create games for myself, with its own set of lore, unique game mechanics and twists never approached before by other games. Terraria has always been one of my favorite games if not the favorite game I've played so far. So with that said, it would be interesting to know how you went about making it.


For the spriters: What was the most annoying visual glitch that the artists had to fix?
For the programmers: What thing took the most re-codes to get perfect?
This one is just to Grox, but Who came up with the idea for the queen slime?
This one is also to the the spriters, What was the first resprite in 1.4?

also last one if you could add 4 more items would they be Zenith type weapons for the other classes (ranger has bows and guns and rockets but that doesnt matter)
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The Ghost of Dr Bones

The Destroyer
My questions are

Why did you just add the Moon Lord legs vanity in rather than the promised Moon Lord Legs boss?
Why didn’t you add jungle resistance to conversion or make it so the mud isn’t permanently damaged?
To Crowno
What was your inspiration for the Empress of Light, why did you make it a bullet hell boss?
How do you feel about your set's head piece being confused with the lunatic cultist?
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