Official Behind the scenes of Journey's End - A Q&A with the Programmers and Artists of Terraria

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First off, thank you so much for doing this, you have my utmost respect for the countless hours of work you all have done on the game!

For the coders:
1. Obviously, working on and maintaining the code for a game that's nearly 10 years old isn't an easy task. What's the hardest part of the game's code to work with?
2. Has there ever been a feature/item you spent a long time coding, only for it to not receive as much attention from the players as you thought it would?

For the spriters:
1. Do you find it difficult at all to stick to the Terraria art style, or do you feel like it gives you enough freedom to change things up a bit? What are your favorite parts of the process?
2. What, in your opinion, makes a Terraria boss a Terraria boss? What does the design need to have to truly fit in the world of Terraria, and what tone do you try to achieve?
3. What was the most frustrating thing to sprite? Were there ever any sprites that just came out... bad at first, and took multiple revisions to get looking good?
4. Which of your sprites are you most proud of? Are there any sprites you've made for minor or normally overlooked items that you're fond of?
5. To put an end to an debate, is the yellow thing on the crossguard of the starfury/star wrath a star?
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*raises hand*
1: If terraria was offered representation in a crossover game (not necessarily smash) how would the team respond?
2: What was the reason you decided Terraria shouldn't be story-driven?
3: Any opinions on the bullet-hell attack patterns many mods use for their bosses? (who knows? maybe they inspired empress of light)
4: Would you ever make a crafting recipe as complex as endgame Calamity mod gear or the soul of eternity from fargo's soul mod?
5: when gaming, are you keyboard people or controller people?
6: Why officially support Tmodloader? I don't think I know of any other developers who support modding to the level of making it free dlc.


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Hello Terrarians! The 1.4 Journey's End update has been out in your hands for a bit now, and since you've had a chance to play through and experience most of the new, exciting changes and additions, we thought it would be fun to give you a chance to ask some behind the scenes questions of the skilled programmers and gifted artists of Re-Logic that spent their time working on this update. Best of all, just for joining in you may even win a prize!


Now's your chance to ask those burning questions, such as what was the hardest thing to code, how do the artists get inspired to create a new item, what goes into the balancing of a new weapon, etc. You can ask your question to the group in general, or if you want to ask a specific Terraria dev, here's who will be joining us in this Q&A event:

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  • Ask your questions in this thread, starting now until Tuesday, January 19 at 10:00 PM EST. Answers will be posted at a later date compiled together.
  • One post per member. No placeholder posts. You can ask as many questions as you want, but please keep them in one post. You may edit your post anytime.
  • Please keep questions reasonable and do not spam.
  • Some questions will be chosen and answered (not all of them).
  • Every member that asks a question will automatically be entered into a raffle.
    • You can ask as many questions as you want, but it won't increase your chance of winning. One raffle entry per qualifying member.
    • Raffle winner will be chosen by random draw and will win a prize of $50 Steam money. The winner will be announced with the answers.

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That wraps it up for now Terrarians. Have fun with this opportunity and let the questions begin!

A quick reminder - this is for the PC dev team. Please don't ask questions about Console or Mobile. `:)
Will there be any more official Terraria lore? If so will Ocram be a part of it? (EG Ocram being the brain of moonlord instead of there being a mechanical BoC)


To the programmers:
Because of the spegetti code that terraria is based on, was there any item or feature that you had the most trouble putting into the game.

To the artist:
What piece of the game had the most revisions visually.


I want to ask these questions to the awesome artists of the team:

• Is spriting (pixel style) hard?
• What are your motivation in spriting?
• Do you use references, to make a better and convincing sprite?
• Does your skill depends on what equipment and software you use?
• What is your approximate time in making one sprite?
• Since I was just a beginner spriter, I want to ask a very epic tip from you guys.


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I would like to ask the following questions:
1. What did the devset inspirations come from, especially Leinfor's,the style of it is great.
2. what was the hardest item to design?
3. what would you find to be the funniest item ya'll have created?
Merry New Year!

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Here goes nothing:
  • How many items had resprites over the course of development?
  • Were there any challenges in making new items with special abilities(e.g. the two-attack weapons from OOA event)?
  • Any thoughts or tips for aspiring game devs?
  • Your favorite game(video game, board game, doesn't matter to me.)?
  • (For artists) Were there any difficulties with, say, any set sprite dimensions, or other things?
Made an account upon seeing this. I really wanted to ask these ever since I started playing back in 1.2!
Question 1 (for artists): Which was your favorite sprite to design, out of all the sprites in the game?
Question 2 (for programmers): Where did you get your ideas for the Brain of Cthulu (Cuthulu, Ctuhulu?)? Its unique AI is one of my favorites.
Question 3 (for artists): How much work went into your sprites? Was the effort worth it in your opinion?
Question 4 (for programmers): What was your favorite AI/Weapon to code?
Question 5 (for everyone): How did it feel to release the last update for the game and move on to other projects?
Question 6 (offtopic): What is your favorite boss/miniboss in the game?
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Some of the bugs/glitches in the game that people enjoyed that have been removed. Vortex Beater Glitch, Invisible Arkhalis. What were some of your favorite glitches in the game before they were removed/fixed?

what were your thoughts when you found out it was getting patched?

Would you bring it back if you could? why, or why not?


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What is your opinion on the large mods' sprites? (especially Calamity, since for me it looks even better than vanilla (no offence ;)))
What's one sprite you're particularly proud of?

Which AI in your opinion was the most fun to program?
Were hoiks intentional, and what's your thoughts on it?

For everyone:
What's your favourite Blood Moon enemy?
What's your favourite dye (including hair)?

Extremely irrelevant question for everyone:
Chocolate or vanilla ice cream? :p

Edit: Added two questions, hopefully isn't too late :p
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