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Official Behind the scenes of Journey's End - A Q&A with the Programmers and Artists of Terraria

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Hello, I’ve been playing terraria sense I bought it on mobile over 5 years ago when 1.2 still wasn’t out for mobile and sense then have purchased the game multiple times on many different platforms and is my most played game. My question to you is how come corrupt/crimson/hallow cactus blocks were never added to the game? It’s always felt weird breaking a purple cactus and getting normal cactus, it’s a small quality of life thing that I don’t think would’ve been to hard to implement so I wonder why it had never happened. And thank you to everyone who made this wonderful game!

Any plans to update Tmod loader to 1.4?
I think I can answer this one for you, tmodloader isn’t created by the official terraria developers, it’s made by different people so only they know when it will get 1.4

Sandbox & RPG

Here are several questions that I am curious about:
  1. For both coders and artists: What was your proudest creation(s)? It doesn't have to be in Terraria, or used to be in Terraria. It could simply something that you're proud of making in your past.
  2. For the artists: Where did you take inspiration from? You could talk about one item that you sprite that has a bigger backstory than many other sprites.
  3. For the coders: Which mechanics that you implemented that were a bit interesting to code?
  4. For all of you: In Re-Logic HQ (if there are), how much fun did you have? I'm a bit interested in how fun were you guys in the Re-Logic office, or probably you're all home but you all had fun, right?
  5. For all of you, again: What do you think about all of the Terraria coders as well as artists? Not gonna lie, they're some really good people.
  6. For the coders: What were you guys thinking of when you heard "Master Mode"? Probably more mechanics, but what mechanics would you guys implement if Master mode can have something more than just stats changes?
I think that's all of the questions I had for now. If you're willing to answer at least one of these questions, I appreciate what you're doing. Thank you!


1. If there was something you would like to add to the game, what would it be?
2. Have you ever thought terraria would make it this far?
3. What is your favourite feature in 1.4?
4. What is the worst part of programming/making sprites?
5. What games do you like other than terraria?
6. Cactus toilet or terra toilet?

Thats all the questions i have. Hope you all are doing okay :)
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1. will first fractal ever be obtainable?
2. drill gang or pickaxe gang
3. favorite part of 1.4?
4. crimson or corruption
5. will there ever be a zenith style weapon for the other classes?


Official Terrarian
1. Is there any very strong reason why "Finch Staff" and "whips" have become the future of the Summoner class?

If there was any other idea, what could have been instead, what would have been the other choices?

2. If there had been a new boss, a third one besides the 2 new one, would it have been made before or after The Moon Lord?

Would it have been female or male boss?

3. If there had been another NPC in the game, besides the princess, who would have been that NPC?

Did it even ever had a tiny chance to be a Lumberjack NPC?
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Main Questions:
1) How did you come up with the idea of Terraria?
2) Was is hard at the first days of programming the game?
3) How long did you think the project would take, and were there any moments then you though that you will abandon the project?
4) What was the throwing class supposed to be, and why was it undeveloped?

1.4 Questions
1) What was inspiration to how the bosses look and why you added them (Empress of light, Queen slime)?
2) How long took the wind mechanic to be made, and what was the most challenging part about it?
3) How did you end up with an idea of Torch God?

Other Questions:
1) What is the favorite part of terraria you like?
2) How was your reaction then the game became very popular?
3) Why is the chest indestructible, then there a dirt block in it?
4) What happened to terraria overworld, and would you come back to the project, or it will be forgotten?
  1. When developing Terraria 1.4, what was the biggest challenge you all faced? I recall it being the water physics back in the 1.3 days. 🤔🥤
  2. I know each of you will likely have a different perspective on this, but did any of you realize what Terraria would be, considering where it started & where it eventually landed. Even if it's not very detailed, it's hard to deny that 1.4 is a far different game than Terraria was back in 2011.
  3. Each of you, what are three new features you'd add to Terraria, right this moment, if they were executed perfectly & didn't cause any unforeseen issues?
Thanks for all your hard work, 1.4 is an amazing game! 🙌😊

I know that Terraria's final update is out, but still - is there any possibility of filling a few gaps in the game's soundtrack? Snow Night, Blizzard and Desert Night themes would be a dream.
I actually thought there was a nighttime theme for the Desert, but when I tried to remember the tune, I started humming the Underground Desert theme. 😅🥤

World Breaker Hulk

The Destroyer
1. The Terraria art style is very unique of course, but my question is - why didn't you chose to use a higher resolution for not just the game but certain items, backgrounds and character design?
2. Were there any limits to creating art with such few pixels?
3. What is the process of creating sprites?


Empress of Light
For the programmers:
1. What was the most difficult feature to implement into the game.
2. Why did you fix liquid duplication via pumps?
3. At any point in development did you consider changing the item drop system?

For the artists:
1. What is your favorite in-game painting?
2. What is, canonically, the ugliest block that you've made.
3. If you could put out an update for the game tomorrow, what textures would you update? Would you add anything else to the game?

For everyone:
Thank you all for making such a wonderful game, and I hope you all continue to do wonderful things in life! <3


1. whats the hardest thing about programming terraria.
2. how long does it take to sprite something for terraria.
3. are you going to keep lying saying that this is the final update? please say yes


First off, thank you for this amazing game! And thank you for always being open, honest, and transparent! I love the communication between all of you at Re-logic and us in the community, such as lienfors’ 1.4 balance thread, this and other Q and As and so much more.

As for the questions:
1. What is your favorite part of working at Re-logic?

2. What is your favorite part of the Terraria community?

3. Why is Red such a troll? (In a good way of course! :D)

Mushy Chlorophyte

Skeletron Prime
  1. Which part of Terraria are you proud and confident to say that you were the one to program/sprite?
  2. If you had the choice, would you choose to A) make the jungle immune to evil spread, B) make the jungle mix with evil, or C) keep the jungle as it is?
  3. How many hours went into coding the pylons?
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