Being Near a Peace/Shadow Candle Should Prevent Torch God


Torches are necessary when lighting up an underground build, but when you place too many down new charcters that enter the area start the Torch God fight. This can be annoying when you want to take a new character into one of your already finished worlds or when making/playing an adventure map. If being in range of a Peace or Shadow Candle prevented the Torch God event from happening this wouldn’t be a problem anymore.​
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Out of curiousity, what kind of scenarios in adventure maps let you exceed 100 torches? I still think that's a significiant amount even when placed a lot in a build project.

I'm fine with the idea though
In boss arenas mainly. It happened to me a few times while playing a pre 1.4 adventure map. I ended having to carry a Torch Gods Favor to prevent the event. It also doesn’t have to be 100 torches. Due to how the game checks for the event about 75-80 torches on screen while player is moving is enough to start the event.
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I see, though that means every pre-1.4 map also have to be updated for such change, just in the specific scenarios where there are too many torches, or holding a candle yourself which defeats the purpose of holding torch gods favor.

I kinda prefer a more streamlined solution that doesn't require updating maps or carrying prerequistics
Yeah, something that doesn’t require updating old maps would be preferable. I just can’t think of an solution that could achieve that (besides the already existing solution of holding Torch God’s Favor in your inventory).

I also didn’t come up with this idea to solve that specific problem with old adventure maps. My main concern was with bringing new Charcters into finished worlds (which is what I’m currently struggling with) and the adventure map thing was a second point I assumed post 1.4 map makers might be struggling with.
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