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tAPI berberborscing's Mod

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Skeletron Prime
tAPI version: r15
Mod version: 1.1.4

Barely Multiplayer Compatible
Welcome to my mod thread. If you're going to read this all, sit back and get comfortable, because this mod has lots to offer. If you're here from my other threads "Getting Started with Modding" and "Providing Help for Accessories", welcome, and I like your interest in my content.

As of the current version of this mod (1.1.4) Logodum has created sprites for the following items:
Hungry Hungry
Brain Staff
Hungry Staff
Creeper Staff
Slime Helmet
Eye Staff
Wall Staff
Hunk of Flesh
Flocko Staff
Corruptoid Staff
Crimsoid Staff
Eye Gun
Projectiles including
-Corruptoid Staff Minion
-Crimsoid Staff Minion
-Creeper Staff Minion
-Brain Staff Minion
-Hungry Staff Minion
and Vladimier has sprited the following items:
Kamikaze Belt
Bloodseeker Brace
Survival Guide
Guardian Of The Underworld
Meteor Mantle
Phoenix Feather
Rune Staff
Magic Bomb is a sprite done by the Re-Logic team. If you want to make a suggestion for content in this mod, abide by the rules in the "Making A Suggestion" section and you could see your idea in-game!

Reviews of this mod:

Without further ado, I present to you...
berberborscing's Mod!
First, let's show you all the NPCs you might face when jumping into the world with this mod active:
Night Slime (25 Life, 15 Damage, 0 Defense) (Gel [0 to 3] 100%, Gravity Coil 3%) (Generic slime that can be found on the surface at night.)
Night Owl (35 Life, 20 Damage, 3 Defense) (2 Feathers 50%, Night Vision Goggles 5%) (The bird that waits till night to find it's prey.)
Ice Cube (60 Life, 28 Damage) (Ice Block[15 to 30] 100%, Gravity Coil 3%) (Even ice cubes are coming after you!)
Frost Owl (55 Life, 25 Damage, 5 Defense) (Ice Block[10 to 20] 100%, Night Vision Goggles 5%) (These owls that are more adapted to the cold.)
Mother Bee (160 Life, 20 Damage, 14 Defense) (Stinger[1 to 5] 100%, Beenade[1 to 3] 50%) (Smaller relatives of the queen bee that fire their bee offspring in self defense.)
Pinata (250 Life, 12 Damage, 3 Defense) (Party Blade, Party Rifle, Party Pulse, Peanut Butter, or Head Bubble 100%, Red Dust [1-5] 100%, Blue Dust[1-3]100%) (After defeating the Goblin Army, Pinatas can rarely appear and drop many goodies. They have a tougher hide than normal pinatas.)
Lava Mite (50 Life, 72 Damage, 8 Defense) (Lifesaver [0 to 4] 100%) (These large insects inhabit the underworld. They have an extremely harmful bite force, but don't have long lifespans.
Pharmacist (A professional in nutrition, he is willing to move to new places and start business. He sells herbs and medicine, including Lifesavers, Bottled Honey, the First Aid Kit, and the elusive Duplicator Dust.)
Angel (A holy figure from the heavens above, who arrives after the defeat of Skeletron. She sells equipment such as bows, shields, and other things. She can even cast healing spells to speed up the life regeneration of Town NPCs if they are damaged. But a downside is her curse sometimes restrict her to the form of a bunny. In bunny form, she can't sell items or heal NPCs.)
Demon (An unholy figure from some area close to Hell, that sells magic spells, including Demon Scythe and Hands of Hell, as well as selling the Strange Vanity. If brought to below half health, he goes berserk and kills everything in his path, including town and hostile NPCs as well as you. He can calm down if his health comes back to full though. He obviously can't sell you items in his berserk form either.)
Lumberjack (A good ol' flapjack-eatin' mother-lovin' lumberjack, who doesn't believe in global warming but does believe in deforestation and carpentry. He sells all types of wood except Spooky. He sells both Ebonwood and Shadewood for building purposes, regardless of whether the world has Corruption or Crimson.)
Mercenary (A knight who will defend NPCs when you are unable to. He can attack enemies with his sword by default, or you can make him switch to his bow. He is not a great shot as a ranger though. He will move in when you defeat Eye of Cthulhu.)
Hellfire Owl (220 Life, 70 Damage, 35 Defense)(Owls adapted to the hell environment wearing hellstone-clad wing braces, helmet, and claws.) (Feather [1 to 3] 100%, Phoenix Feather 5%)
Michael Bay Zombie (250 Life, 45 Damage, 22 Defense) (Kamikaze Belt 100%) (Wherever he goes, explosions follow. Rarely can be found on the surface on his lunch break at night.)
Spooky Book (50 Life, 55 Damage, 4 Defense) (Heaven's Fury, Tome of Souls, Combat Guide, Force Field, Ammo Reservation Spell, Book of Translation, or Survival Guide 25%) (These mysterious objects are highly dangerous. Upon contact with humans, they receive a hard shake from gravity.)
Money Owl (1000 Life, 75 Damage, 40 Defense) (Lucky Coin 5%) (These owls can be found on the surface rarely at all hours; if you see it, take it. They are extremely valuable.)
Meteor Chaser (260 Life, 70 Damage, 40 Defense) (Energy 80%, 3 Meteorite 10%, Meteor Staff 5%) (These alien menaces can phase through solid objects and they deal lots of physical damage. They usually crowd around meteor crashes.)
Meteor Sniper (180 Life, 19 melee damage, 45 laser damage, 26 defense) (Energy 100%, 3 Meteorite 10%, Laser Gun 5%) (These aliens have too much energy and tend to discharge it onto foes, signalled both by lasers and charging quickly.)
Savage Soul (170 Life Hallow - 120 Life Crimson / Corruption, 50-70 Damage, 0 Defense) (Soul of Light / Night 100%) (Some souls seek revenge for their imprisonment after being released by the destruction of the Wall of Flesh and take it out on you.)
Next, all the accessories that will come to your aid in your adventure:
Bloody Bracelet (When hurt, an eyeball will be summoned to defend you) (3% drop from Demon Eyes)
Hell's Fire (At below half health, you will launch many fireballs in random directions in an effort of self defense) (3% drop from Hellbats)
Rotten Backpack / Fleshcarrier (8 Demonite / Crimtane Bar, 8 Shadow Scale / Tissue Sample @ Anvil) (Increases inventory space, activated by opening a chest while equipped) (Can add on a parachute with 40 Rope and 20 Silk @ Work Bench) (In Hardmode, it can be turned into a jetpack)
Night Vision Goggles (5% drop from Night Owl and Frost Owl) (Increases night vision, which makes lights more powerful)
Supersonic Shoes (2 Old Shoes, 15 Energy) (Allows for super quick movement, but inability to stop)
Gravity Coil (Rare drop from all Slimes, guaranteed to get some from King Slime) (Increases jumping height and speed)
Fusion Coil (Supersonic Shoes + Gravity Coil @ Tinkerer's Workshop) (Has the effects of both accessories)
Wooden Shield (1 Defense)
Copper Shield (2 Defense)
Tin Shield (2 Defense)
Iron Plate (3 Defense)
Lead Plate (3 Defense)
Silver Shield (4 Defense)
Tungsten Shield (4 Defense)
Gold Shield (5 Defense)
Platinum Shield (5 Defense)
Night's Gain (6 Defense, +10 Max Life, +20% melee speed)
Bloodshed (6 Defense, +10 Max Life, increased life regeneration)
Bee Bumper (2 Defense, +1 Minion Slot, +12 Max Life, 50% thorns damage)
Cover of the Jungle (7 Defense, +50 Max Mana, +12 Max Life, increased mana regeneration)
Meteor Mantle (8 Defense, +10% Magic Damage,+15 Max Life, +20 Max Mana)
Guardian of the Underworld (10 Defense, +20 Max Life, 3 Seconds of Lava Immunity) (Every shield past this point grants knockback immunity)
Aegis of Angels (4 Defense, gives a random buff upon taking damage) (Sold by Angel)
Golden Hook (Rare drop from pirate enemies, ranging from 1% to 5%) (Pulls enemies towards you while dealing damage to them, doesn't work on bosses)
Phoenix Feather (5% drop from Hellfire Owl) (When you die, you will respawn at your previous position)
Magic Horn (3% drop from Unicorn)
Bloodseeker Brace (25% drop from Vampires in bat form) (When hurt, bloodseeking souls will hunt nearby enemies and sap their blood)
Kamikaze Belt (100% drop from Michael Bay Zombie) (When hurt, you will drop explosives that hurt enemies)
Angler Headlamp (4% drop from Angler Fish) (Glows, +15% crit chance)
Ammo Reservation Spell (Chance drop from Spooky Book) (20% chance not to consume ammo)
Combat Guide (Chance drop from Spooky Book) (When hitting an NPC with a melee weapon, a combo will activate)
Survival Guide (Chance drop from Spooky Book) (Increases life regeneration when hit by an enemy)
Cobalt Escutcheon (4 Defense, +10 Max Life, doubled movement speed)
Palladium Protector (4 Defense, +10 Max Life, chance to regenerate life on hit)
Mythril Buckler (6 Defense, +15 Max Life, 100% thorns damage)
Orichalcum Orchid (6 Defense, +15 Max Life, petals attack enemies on hit)
Adamantite Aegis (8 Defense, +20 Max Life, includes enemy seeking technology)
Titanium Target (8 Defense, +20 Max Life, chance to dodge an attack on hit)
Hallowed Plate (10 Defense, +25 Max Life, +25% melee swing speed)
Chlorophyte Cover (12 Defense, +50 Max Life)
Shroomite Screen (14 Defense, +35 Max Life, +25% ranged damage)
Shell Shield (25 Defense, +100 Max Life, halved movement speed)
Next, the armor sets this mod has to offer:
Slime (Summoner Armor)
Slime Helmet (20 Gel @ Work Bench) (1 Defense, +10% minion damage) (Sprite done by Logodum)
Slime Chestplate (25 Gel @ Work Bench (2 Defense)
Slime Leggings (15 Gel @ Work Bench (1 Defense, increased jump height and speed)
Strange Hat (Sold by Demon) (A strange-looking hat, rumored to be used by the Demon to mask his identity in public.)
Strange Suit (Sold by Demon) (A strange-looking suit, rumored to be used by the Demon to mask his identity in public.)
Nanite (Miner Armor)
Nano Headgear (12 Hallowed Bars, 25 Nanites @ Mythril Anvil) (8 Defense, +15% mining speed)
Nano Chestpiece (18 Hallowed Bars, 35 Nanites @ Mythril Anvil) (10 Defense, +30% mining speed, release Nanites when damaged)
Nano Leggings (15 Hallowed Bars, 30 Nanites @ Mythril Anvil) (6 Defense, +25% movement speed)
Next, this mod offers new prefixes to existing items. All of them apply to accessories so far. Here is the list:
Lovely (+5 Max Life)
Beaming (+10 Max Life)
Affectionate (+15 Max Life)
Radiant (+20 Max Life)
Loud(+2% Summoner Damage)
Commanding (+4% Summoner Damage)
Powerful (+6% Summoner Damage)
Encouraging (+8% Summoner Damage)
Chilling (+2% Magic Damage)
Scary (+4% Magic Damage)
Spooky (+6% Magic Damage)
Frightful (+8% Magic Damage)
Better (+2% Ranged Damage)
Sharp (+4% Ranged Damage)
Accurate (+6% Ranged Damage)
Enhanced (+8% Ranged Damage)
Buff (+2% Melee Damage)
Comfortable (+4% Melee Damage)
Hyper (+6% Melee Damage
Mighty (+8% Melee Damage)
Lesser (+5 Max Mana)
Wondrous (+10 Max Mana)
Greater (+15 Max Mana)
Efficient (-3% Mana Cost)
Inexpensive (-6% Mana Cost)
Cheap (-9% Mana Cost)
Marvelous (-12% Mana Cost)
Overpriced (+25% Value)
Expensive (+50% Value)
Valuable (+75% Value)
Desirable (+100% Value)
And finally all of the materials,weapons, tools, and consumables alongside their method of obtainment and function:
Energy (1 Gel, 1 Fallen Star) (The essence of pure energy from the magic burn of flammable gel.)
Blank Staff (12 Iron / Lead Bar @ Anvil) (It may seem powerless, but the possible enchantments for this staff are great.)
Spare Slime (Uncommon drop from King Slime) (One of King Slime's leftover pieces)
Slimeball (Uncommon drop from King Slime) (A big slimy mass of King Slime's matter)
Spare Servant (50% drop from Eye of Cthulhu (One of the Eye's leftover servants)
Eye Tooth (50% drop from Eye of Cthulhu) (One of the Eye's massive teeth, it measures 2 feet in length.)
Unholy Worm (5 Shadow Scales) (A model of the Eater of Worlds)
Brain (50% drop from Brain of Cthulhu) (A brain of mysterious origin found in the Brain of Cthulhu)
Creeper(50% drop from Brain of Cthulhu) (One of the Brain's many minions, still twitching from trauma.)
Hunk of Flesh (8% drop from the Hungry) (A big hunk of the Wall of Flesh)
Leftover Leech (8% drop from Leeches) (One of the Wall's worm minions)
Hungry Hungry (8% drop from Hungry II) (A decorded malnutritioned Hungry from the Wall of Flesh)
Power Worm (10 Hallowed Bar, 10 Soul of Might) (A model of the Destroyer)
Laser Eye (100% drop from Retinazer) (A miniature version of Retinazer of mysterious origin found in Retinazer)
Metal Tooth (100% drop from Spazmatism) (One of Spazmatism's mechanical incisors, measuring half a foot longer than the Eye of Cthulhu's teeth)
Red Dust (100% drop from Pinata) (When brewn with any potion, it will dye it red and extend it's effects)
Blue Dust (100% drop from Pinata) When brewn with any potion, it will dye it blue and intensify it's effects, but shorten the duration of effects)
Duplicator Dust (Sold by the Pharmacist for 10 Silver) (When brewn with any potion, it will copy it)
Spawner Orb (Thrown consumable, 1% drop from any enemy) (Spawns an enemy at random dependent on both the mob type and environment conditions)
Chaos Pearl (Thrown consumable sold by Merchant & crafted with 1 Orb + 3 Energy) (Player will teleport to the landing site of the pearl)
Clarification Potion (Sold by Pharmacist) (Clears all debuffs on use)
Eclipsial Potion (Crafted with Bottled Water + 5 Hallowed Bars @ Bottle) (Guarantees every day that falls with the buff will be a solar eclipse)
Jumping Potion (Crafted with Bottled Water + 1 Daybloom + 3 Gel) (Increases jumping height + speed)
Ascension Potion (Crafted with Bottled Water + 1 Feather + 3 Energy) (You will slowly rise, and when the buff ends you will get Gravity Safety)
Bloodlust Potion (Crafted with Bottled Water + 25 Ebonstone / Crimstone Block) (Guarantees every night that falls with the buff will be a blood moon)
Sun Button (5 Souls of Night, 5 Souls of Sight, 5 Iron / Lead Bar) (Control the Sun with the press of a button)
Rain Button (5 Iron / Lead Bar, 15 Glass Blocks, 10 Cloud Blocks)
Lifesaver (Drop from Lava Mite, sold by Pharmacist in Hardmode for 10 silver) (Makes you immune to any attack for 30 seconds, gives you Potion Sickness)
Rainbow Reverie (Sold by Demon for 5 Gold) (Increases defense, movement speed, life regeneration, melee and magic damage for 5 minutes)
Magic Weapons​
Blast (Sold by Merchant) (Fires a magic bolt that explodes multiple times upon contact for 8 damage, consuming 10 mana) (Can be enhanced with blue dust)
Flame (Sold by Merchant) (Fires a flame bolt that ignites enemies for 11 damage, consuming 3 mana) (Can be enhanced with blue dust)
Frostflame (Sold by Merchant) (Fires a cold flame bolt that applies frostburn to enemies for 15 damage, consuming 4 mana) (Can be enhanced with blue dust)
Intoxicate (Sold by Merchant) (Fires a poisonous spine that poisons enemies for 18 damage, consuming 5 mana) (Can be enhanced with blue dust)
Pierce (Sold by Merchant) (Fires a piercing magic bolt for 16 damage, consuming 7 mana) (Can be enhanced with blue dust)
Speed (Sold by Merchant) (Fires a high velocity bolt of magic for 22 damage, consuming 5 mana)
Ranged Weapons​
Fragmentation Grenade (Sold by Demolitionist) (A grenade that explodes into smaller fragments upon explosion)
Pulse Grenade (Sold by Demolitionist) (A grenade that disturbs an electromagnetic field on explosion)
Summoner Weapons​
Summoner Sphere (Sold by Merchant or crafted with 5 Glass + 1 Energy @ Work Bench) (A magic orb fights for you) (3 Maximum)
Nanite Orb (Sold by Cyborg or crafted with 1 Summoner Sphere + 5 Nanites @ Mythril Anvil) (Applies confusion) (3 Maximum)
Venom Orb (Sold by Witch Doctor or crafted with 1 Summoner Sphere + 5 Spider Fangs @ Mythril Anvil) (Applies venom) (3 Maximum)
Cursed Orb (Crafted with 1 Summoner Sphere + 5 Cursed Flames @ Mythril Anvil) (Applies cursed inferno) (3 Maximum)
Ichor Orb (Crafted with 1 Summoner Sphere + 5 Ichor @ Mythril Anvil) (Applies ichor) (3 Maximum)
Hyper Orb (Crafted with 1 Summoner Sphere + 5 Cog @ Mythril Anvil) (Hyperactive) (3 Maximum)
Lightkeeper Orb (Crafted with 1 Summoner Sphere + 5 Mana Crystals / 25 Fallen Stars) (Provides the player with mana) (2 Maximum)
Unclassed Weapons​
Poison Potion (Sold by Witch Doctor) (Throwable, applies poison to enemies)
Fire Potion (Sold by Witch Doctor) (Throwable, applies fire to enemies)
Cursed Fire Potion (Sold by Witch Doctor) (Throwable, applies cursed fire to enemies)
Ichor Potion (Sold by Witch Doctor) (Throwable, applies ichor to enemies)
Midas Potion (Sold by Witch Doctor) (Throwable, applies midas to enemies)
Confusion Potion (Sold by Witch Doctor) (Throwable, applies confusion to enemies)
Eye Staff (Crafted with Blank Staff + Spare Servant @ Anvil) (Summons a guardian eye that summons minion eyes to fight for it, three active per eye) (Summoner weapon)
Eye Gun (2% drop from Demon Eye) (Launches a homing eye) (Magic Weapon)
First-Aid Kit (Sold by Pharmacist for 10 Gold) (Reusable, heals 120 health) (Tool)
Slimeball Staff (Crafted with Blank Staff + Slimeball @ Anvil) (Launches a slimeball that creates an ooze puddle on ceilings that drips and does damage) (Magic Weapon)
Charger Staff (Crafted with Blank Staff + Eye Tooth @ Anvil) (Summons a charging eyeball) (Magic Weapon)
Sawed-Off Shotgun (Sold by Arms Dealer Pre-Hardmode) (Shoots many bullets in quick double succession) (Ranged Weapon)
Crossbow (Crafted with 1 Silver / Tungsten Bow + 10 Silver / Tungsten Bars + 25 Wood @ Anvil) (Fires arrows at a higher velocity) (Ranged Weapon)
Legia Bow (Crafted with 2 Iron / Lead Bows @ Anvil) (Fires two arrows) (Ranged Weapon)
Holy Bow (Sold by Angel) (Fires an arrow that never misses and uses mana for ammo) (Magic Weapon) superhc will cry for this
Worm Staff (Crafted with Blank Staff + Unholy Worm @ Anvil) (Summons burrowing piercing worms) (Magic Weapon)
Creeper Staff (Crafted with Blank Staff + Creeper @ Anvil) (Summons a hostile brain cell to fight for you, seeking enemies and returning to you on hit) (Summoner weapon)
Brain Staff (Crafted with Blank Staff + Brain Staff @ Anvil) (Summons a homing brain that summons helper blood cells upon damaging an enemy) (Magic Weapon)
Railgun (Crafted with 15 Meteorite Bars + 12 Energy @ Anvil) (Summons a strong yellow beam) (Unclassed Weapon) (Doesn't use ammo)
Head Bubble (Chance drop from Pinata) (Doubles breathing time, lightens gravity on player) (Headwear)
Party Blade (Chance drop from Pinata) (Blasts confetti everywhere, extremely fast speed) (Melee Weapon)
Party Rifle (Chance drop from Pinata) (Fires two bullets at a fast rate of fire) (Ranged Weapon)
Party Pulse (Chance drop from Pinata) (Fires green non-constant pulses at enemies) (Magic Weapon)
Peanut Butter (Chance drop from Pinata) (Attracts a jellyfish to fight for you) (Summoner Weapon)
Skull Staff (Crafted with Blank Staff + Skull @ Anvil) (Fires a miniature skeletron that hits enemies, then returns to the player) (Magic Weapon)
Leech Staff (Crafted with Blank Staff + Leftover Leech @ Anvil) (Fires a piercing leech that saps health) (Magic Weapon)
Wall Staff (Crafted with Blank Staff + Hunk of Flesh @ Anvil) (Fires a fast-moving wall of flesh at enemies) (Magic Weapon)
Hungry Staff (Crafted with Blank Staff + Hungry Hungry @ Anvil) (Summons a hungry that clings onto enemies and saps their health) (Summoner weapon)
Squid Squirter (Crafted with 5 Black Ink, 20 Iron / Lead Bars, and 1 Illegal Gun Parts @ Anvil) (Fires ink at enemies) (Magic Weapon)
Transportation Gun (Crafted with 12 Jungle Spores, 20 Energy, and 1 Illegal Gun Parts @ Anvil)
(It's a proven fact that pulling my tail will create an extradimensional portal.)
(Fires a green portal on left click, and a yellow portal when holding right click while left clicking)
(The portal only goes one way, enter green and exit yellow. Cannot enter yellow.)
(The portals also work for any NPC that aren't bosses & projectiles.)
(Press DOWN to kill both portals.)
Crunky (Sold by Angel for 50 Gold) (A pet golden wyvern that occasionally cries "MAH!".)
Hands of Hell (Sold by Demon in hardmode) (Can throw hands that either punch or grab enemies) (Magic Weapon)
Tome of Souls (Chance drop from Spooky Book) (Turns the player into a ghost until the player quits the buff) (Tool)
Book of Translation (Chance drop from Spooky Book) (Translates mana into life) (Tool)
Force Field (Chance drop from Spooky Book) (Summons a force field around the player for 5 minutes) (Tool)
Heaven's Fury (Chance drop from Spooky Book) (Brings stars down from the heavens onto enemies) (Magic Weapon)
Meteor Staff (5% drop from Meteor Chasers) (Summons a meteor chaser to defend the player) (Summoner Weapon)
Corruptoid / Crimsoid Staves (0.5% drop from Crimslimes and Corrupt Slimes) (Summons a corrupt / crimson metroid that clings onto enemies and saps their health) (Summoner Weapon)
Destroyer Staff (Crafted with Blank Staff + Power Worm @ Mythril Anvil) (Fires piercing worms that shoot lasers) (Magic Weapon)
Laser Gun (5% drop from Meteor Snipers) (Fires a homing laser beam, high crit chance) (Magic Weapon)
Magic Bomb (2% drop from Clowns) (130 damage, 66 mana,fires a magic grenade) (Magic Weapon)
Manablade (Sold by Wizard) (Fires a mana sword that steals mana from enemies) (Magic Weapon)
Megalaser (Crafted with a Railgun, 10 Hallowed Bars, and 20 Souls of Fright) (Fires a constant yellow beam) (Magic Weapon)
Retinaser Staff (Crafted with a Blank Staff + Laser Eye) (Summons a slow moving Retinazer that rapid-fires lasers) (Magic Weapon)
Rune Staff (50% drop from Rune Wizards) (Summons hyperactive souls of Envy, Power, and Fury) (Magic Weapon)
Spazmatism Staff (Crafted with a Blank Staff + Metal Tooth) (Summons a fast-charging robot mouth) (Magic Weapon)
Flocko Staff (25% drop from Ice Queen) (Summons a hyper active flocko that fights for you) (Summoner Weapon)

Truffle Gun (Rare drop from all hardmode mushroom enemies) (Launches homing glowing truffles) (Magic Weapon)
Problem Solver (Sold by Arms Dealer in Hardmode after defeating Plantera) (An assault rifle that shoots 4 bullets at once) (Ranged Weapon)
Might Orb (Crafted with 5 Hallowed Bars + 20 Souls of Might) (Summons a blue glowing orb that provides melee bonuses to players) (Melee Support Weapon)
Sight Orb (Crafted with 5 Hallowed Bars + 20 Souls of Sight) (Summons a green glowing orb that provides ranged bonuses to players) (Ranged Support Weapon)
Fright Orb (Crafted with 5 Hallowed Bars + 20 Souls of Fright) (Summons an orange glowing orb that provides magic bonuses to players) (Magic Support Weapon)
Light Orb (Crafted with 5 Hallowed Bars + 20 Souls of Light) (Summons a pink glowing orb that provides summoner bonuses to players) (Summoner Support Weapon)
Night Orb (Crafted with 5 Hallowed Bars + 20 Souls of Night) (Summons a purple glowing orb that launches projectiles that deal summoner damage) (Summoner Weapon)
Flight Orb (Crafted with 5 Hallowed Bars + 20 Souls of Fright) (Summons a cyan glowing orb that provides movement bonuses) (Support Weapon)
Double Portal Gun (Crafted with Transportation Gun + 15 Iron / Lead Bars + 10 Souls of Night + 10 Souls of Light)
(Left click to fire a pink portal, hold right click while left clicking to fire a purple portal)
(Entering either portal will lead to the other, enter a portal using the UP button)
(Delete both portals by pressing the DOWN button)
(These portals work on non-boss NPCs as well, but don't work on projectiles, unlike the Transportation Gun.)

This mod adds a recipe to the Slime Staff (Blank Staff + 30 Gel + 15 Energy) and makes Wandering Eyes drop Lenses and Black Lenses, as well as adding a crafting recipe to Hellstone Brick Walls.

This mod adds a recipe to the Truffle Worm by extremely popular request (1 Worm, 5 Shroomite Bar, 5 Souls of Might, Sight, and Fright).

If you have any questions / suggestions / anything of that sort, don't hesitate to tell me anything!

For permissions regarding this mod, look at the mod information when you download it or at the credits below.

If you want to make a mod that uses mine as reference, such as adding a new item in your mod crafted with an item from this mod, you have my permission.

If you want to make a suggestion, make sure it follows these rules:
1. The idea in particular is yours. If it is someone else's idea, make sure to tell me in the suggestion and make sure you get their permission to use it. These rules apply to sprites too.
2.Make it unique. There's enough mods out there that add craftable guns from real life, but never had you seen a Squid gun that shoots ink, right?
3. Make sure it seems plausible. I'm not the next Yoraiz0r or anything like that, I'm relatively new to modding
-Changed name of "Iron Plate" and "Lead Plate" to "Iron Shield" and "Lead Shield"
-Changed it so that you can't throw the Malignarang / Sanguinerang / Ricochet infinitely(no more legions of boomerangs returning to you)
-Buffed the Repulsor Ray (removed the break in between bursts)
-Nerfed the Problem Solver (35 damage is now 20 damage)
-Rebuffed the Problem Solver (20 to 35 damage, recipe now requires Tactical Shotgun rather than Shotgun, Megashark rather than Minishark) [Requested by NegaNote]
-Limited Corrupt Star to only be able to shoot 3 at a time
-Nerfed Squid Squirter to 2 damage, now costs 3 mana
-Shields are visible on the player
-The Slime Staff is now craftable with 15 Wood, 80 Gel, and 1 Heart Crystal
-Slime Armor has been nerfed, set bonus only grants extra minion
-Supersonic Shoes is now an accessory again, and fixed shoes texture
-Meteor Blaster's cheap sprite has been changed to something more tolerable
-Meteor Blaster's melee damage has been nerfed
-Meteor Blaster has been removed and replaced with the Meteor Chaser and Sniper
-Repulsor Ray now consumes mana, but is not a magic weapon
-Bullet Arcer and Bullet Reuser have been changed to "Mythril Mortar" and "Orichalcum Ordnance"
-There is now an entire hardmode ore tier of guns with special abilities to accompany the previous two weapons
-Vampire Veil is no longer craftable
-All spellbooks are no longer craftable
-Organized the modpage
-Fixed a bug where the Summoner Orb and Heart Scale were uncraftable
-Made Heaven's Fury better to look at (ugly gray lines complimentary to pink)
-Made summoner orbs functional
-Resprited backpacks and some weapons as requested by White Knight
-Mobs from my mod no longer spawn alongside Pumpkin Moon and Frost Moon enemies
-Resprited the Heart Scale
-Players can no longer regenerate health with the Tome of Souls active
-Replaced the Ichor Pelican with the Slichor
-Mod dramatically changed, don't want to describe it here
(Version 1.1)
-Added accessories which release projectiles when damaged
-Number of backpacks shrunk down to 2 for lack of multiplayer compatibility
-Added rare drops to lots of mobs
-Removed many items, including Vampire Veil, Consumer Cape, and Nano Armor (Which might return as a different concept, such as Lantern and the Angler Headlamp)
-Added and resprited Rain Button and Sun Button, which can toggle rain or time of day
-Added visual dust to lots of enemies
-New potions include Ascension, Bloodlust, Clarification, Eclipsial, Jumping, and throwable potions sold by the Witch Doctor
-Pinata no longer drops the Encircler and Waterfury
-Spooky Book no longer drops Sandstorm and instead drops Ammo Reservation Spell
-Added a prehardmode variant of the Radiant Blade
-Added drops from bosses that can be used to summon the abilities of bosses, either magic or summon weapons
-Added Pulse and Fragment Grenades (Fallout ref.)
-Merchant now sells consumable mana spells
-Lowered spawn rate of Hellfire Owl & nerfed Savage Souls
-Fixed contact summoner weapons, will release a bugfix later that fixes minion removal
-Fixed the Phoenix Feather crashing the game and added some of Vladimier's sprites with permission
-MADE THE TRUFFLE WORM CRAFTABLE (1 Worm, 5 Shroomite Bar, 5 Souls of Might, Sight, and Fright)
-Added some Slightly Damned references
Drok0920 [Previous backpack sprites and for being with me since this mod was on TO]
Sapphire wolf [Spooky Bow + Projectile Sprite & Idea]
Frous [For being a big fan & JetBack idea]
Nardia & Sir Cutswood [For Baseball Bat and Bat Outta Hell idea]
Scarecrow [Gatling Laser Idea & Permission]
SlayerOfTheBad [Candy ideas for the Pinata]
LoM2 [For giving helpful constructive criticism]
Konta [Force Field concept]
zeskorion [Slime Armor idea & buffs]
Logodum [Helpful constructive criticism regarding balancing items & beautiful artwork]
superhc [For being a strong supporter of my mod and making suggestions]
NeoJin [The code whisperer, who helped fix my mod for r15]
And now for a Limited time me and Logodum have cooperated on a special project to cater to summoners! Download is below. Get it while it's still there!


  • LogodumExpansion.tapi
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  • berberborscing v1.1.4.tapi
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Grandson of The Wizard
Well, if you do it now, you'll break saves for people already having these items. Unless you change just the displayName.


The Destroyer
Ok, i have occurred and idea to combine your mods (shockah) with the shields of your mod and this is the result:

See the defense and the life (that's not all the life you can have). my reaction was like WTF!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
[DOUBLEPOST=1414876181][/DOUBLEPOST]i killed the dungeon guardian while he was touching mi, only 300 damage


Skeletron Prime
Ok, i have occurred and idea to combine your mods (shockah) with the shields of your mod and this is the result:

See the defense and the life (that's not all the life you can have). my reaction was like WTF!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
[DOUBLEPOST=1414876181][/DOUBLEPOST]i killed the dungeon guardian while he was touching mi, only 300 damage
Holy poopy
People's mobility is very limited when stacking shields, that's how they're balanced. Not so much when in possession of any grappling hook -_-
What's next, you'll put all of the backpacks into each other? Lol
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Joe Dolca

Empress of Light
Ok, i have occurred and idea to combine your mods (shockah) with the shields of your mod and this is the result:

See the defense and the life (that's not all the life you can have). my reaction was like WTF!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
[DOUBLEPOST=1414876181][/DOUBLEPOST]i killed the dungeon guardian while he was touching mi, only 300 damage
Anyone mind doing the math and telling me how the crud those 15 shields reach 400K HEALTH!?
Ok, i have occurred and idea to combine your mods (shockah) with the shields of your mod and this is the result:

See the defense and the life (that's not all the life you can have). my reaction was like WTF!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
[DOUBLEPOST=1414876181][/DOUBLEPOST]i killed the dungeon guardian while he was touching mi, only 300 damage

I lol when seeing your picture. :D
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