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PC Best Death Run minigame?


Hi there.
I think many players wanted to build Death Run in Terraria. Some of you have already done it.
But really, what's so hard about it? Place a trap, switch, wires and it's done!


So I decided to make it! But not just in singleplayer: on minigame server!


And what extraordinary I built?
Almost all traps have a cooldown, so players can cheat on Death and then run.

This has not been without plugins. We have done random generating levels with it!



If you got caught, it's no big deal - you will be instantly teleported to the starting point.


Hm-m-m, I saw something similar on Pedguin's server...
Yes, it was there. But it's independent game here, not a part of something else.

Good luck!


You included the Boulder trap? how about a releasing stone and you need to run away from it. At the same time you need to doge fire and spear traps and some more. Haven't tested might not work, and if does it only work for straight floor or downwards. Or there are also player detection switches. They could release a new boulder.
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