Mobile Best thing you have ever got from presents

Uhh... Green Candy Cane blocks? I literally haven't gotten anything besides red and green candy cane blocks. lol
I got the Zealous Starfury shortly after last years Christmas update on my iPod 4 now transferred to my iPad 3. Since then nothing amazing, just an Iron Broadsword.

Btw has anyone noticed that when you go to open a present the game hits you up for two instead of one?
Candy cane AKA the only thing i ever got or ever will get my luck with RNG its terrible
So far: red and green blocks, wooden sword, snow globe, and a copper ore.
When did you get the Snow Globe? I have the Helper Terraria app and it says that the Globe could only be achieved by opening a present Only in December between the 15th - 31st However this could apply only to consoles and others.
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