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PC Best World Generation?


Eye of Cthulhu
Title says it all, whats your best random world generation, mine would have to be having a super thick big tree to my right when i spawned in


In my melee-playthrough I have the same. Do not want to kill the WoF though. :/

Also there was a swordshrine easy visible with the right sprite. :)


Is there a topic or a place to share natural generated worlds?
Also if terraria had a seed generator for each world would it be nice!


In One of my large world generate specially for material have this.
-One Pyramid.
-Two living tree one content wood wand and other content leaf wand.
-probably more,I didn't explore much anyway.


Eye of Cthulhu
Four pyramids, two hollow giant trees, and a double cave. And that was just on the surface. I shopped a lot before deciding on my current world.


Small worlds are fun.
-An underground cabin on a small surface cave
-Jungle so small that a single railway went through the whole thing.
-Said railway had part of it past the edge of the world.
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