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Better Autosave

Download via Mod Browser ingame! Available on both 1.3 and 1.4 tModLoader!
Steam Workshop page: Workshop

Customize the autosave interval in both single and/or multiplayer!
Successor of this tAPI mod I guess.

This mod can be installed on both servers and clients independently, comes with two configs:
* Server + Singleplayer
* Multiplayer Client

They let you customize the autosave interval (Default 10 minutes in singleplayer for world+player, and 5 minutes for player on the client) and also specify one for the server's world! (Vanilla only autosaves once an ingame day)
You can just turn off autosaving entirely (even the by default enabled ones in multiplayer)

If you have a dedicated server and wish to customize autosave, run this mod on a client, adjust the config, then take the config called "BetterAutosave_AServerConfig.json" from "tModLoader/ModConfigs" and put it in the same location on the dedi. If this folder doesn't exist, make it.

tModLoader folder locations:
Windows: %UserProfile%\Documents\My Games\Terraria\tModLoader (This is typically found in C:\Documents\)
Linux: ~/.local/share/Terraria/ModLoader/ or $XDG_DATA_HOME/Terraria/tModLoader/
Mac: ~/Library/Application support/Terraria/tModLoader/

If you want to change the serversided autosave, you have to do it when the server is turned off, either in singleplayer again, or if a dedi, edit the config file if it exists (if not, do the above). This is a limitation of the NoSync mode this mod is compiled with: The Server+Singleplayer Config isn't tied together between server and clients



* Only in singleplayer: Requires the "Autosave" setting in the game settings to be turned on
* The serversided world saving once an ingame day will still happen regardless
* Minimum interval is 10 seconds for stability reasons

If you want to add support for different languages, you are welcome to contribute localizations here: Github
List of localization contributors:
* Russian: GodBybrid

Source code: Github
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Hey, trying to set up the autosave for a dedicated server but I cant find the BetterAutosave_AServerConfig.json after configuring the files in the tmod loader, am i doing something wrong? running it from the tmod server file in the tmod directory, installed via steam. Thanks!
Hey! If I may ask, where does the autosaved files go? In the worlds folder with .bak extention? also this is a very handy mod. Well done!
Hey! If I may ask, where does the autosaved files go? In the worlds folder with .bak extention? also this is a very handy mod. Well done!
The mod does not add any new functionality or systems. It just makes the vanilla autosave system more configurable. Hence the files stay the same (Worlds/Players folders, wld/plr and .bak).
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