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Better Looking Hardmode Bats


So. The hardmode bats. Look at em.

They look kind of weird, don't they? it looks like someone took the smaller bats and expanded them, so they don,t have legs and their body is oddly round. Now have you seen the lava and ice bats? now those look like actual bats. So, i propose that the hardmode bats look less "flying cat head" and more lke those.
IlluminantBat.png Better?
GiantBat.png i decided to give this one the fangs still, it just fits him.
Now this makes the hardmode bats look a little more dangerous.
Well there you go.​

Storm Diver

Skeletron Prime
They are a massive improvement, and I agree the current sprites do look very weird and would love to see them updated.


I’m all for enhanced textures, and I’m sure many other sprites in the game could use some improvements. There’s a good chance we’ll see quite a few changes in 1.4!
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