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tModLoader Big Biome Expansion: Jungle

Notice: We need spriters! Message me if you're interested.

Welcome to...
Big Biome Expansion: Jungle
This mod aims to completely redo the world of Terraria and everything in it. In essence, it changes the entire world to fit one vanilla biome--in this case the Jungle--and then works on recreating the other biomes themed after the main biome. So, say, in the case of the Dungeon, it's the Mayan Temple, or instead of the Sky, it's the Canopy.
Currently, this mod has the following biomes: Flooded Rainforest (Ocean), Barren (Crimson), Volcano (Corruption), Mayan Temple (Dungeon), Lihahzrd Complex (Hell), The Canopy (Sky/Space).
Granite biomes are replaced with Beehives.
Marble is replaced by Bamboo forests.


Now, I do realize that, as a mod, this will practically destroy compatibility with most other mods. This is both due to the whole world being removed, and for custom spawning being used instead of vanilla spawns. I will try my best to add the following:
  • Modded biomes, structures, or other world gen that would fit. (Modders, you'd need to provide code)
  • An attempt to add NPCs to custom spawning, or to create a system in which people can add spawns to the custom spawning. This may take a while, and once released I'll add a list below of compatible mods.
All recipes, items and projectiles that can be found in the world should still work fine. Message me if you have any further questions with compatibility.

Developers & Thanks
  1. GabeHasWon
  2. Koopahunter197
  3. Ca595
  4. TheGeckoGamer
  5. SnakeBlock
  6. Small Watch
  1. GabeHasWon
The Flooded Rainforest: https://soundcloud.com/miguel-guevara-895087321%2Fdrowning-forest
More tracks will be added in the future!

Thanks to:
My sister for a couple sprites.
tModLoader & devs because we couldn't do this without it, and from which I stole this beautiful separator.
MrMarcinQ for some sprites.
Trivaxy for some code and one sprite.

gratgaisdead for a boss fixup.

Questions on this thread or here: Discord - A New Way to Chat with Friends & Communities
Spoilers are also shared early on here.


Format: Concept, Progress, estimated time of release, notes.
WTM = With the Mod.
Example: Bananas: 100%, WTM, examples are fun.

The Flooded Rainforest: ~98%, WTM, at least two more items.
The Barren: 10%, WTM, needs polish, better main structure, and better variety.
Mayan Temple: ~40%, WTM, needs polish and expansion.
Volcano: ~12%, WTM, needs polish, better generation and a finished volcano.
The Lihahzrd Complex: ~4%, WTM, needs to be emptied.
The Canopy: ~20%, WTM, started, structures need polish, loot and tiles.
General jungle: ~46%, WTM, needs more polish, structures and variety.
Beehives: ~100%, WTM, finished! Added all that is needed for the Beehives, excluding various items.
Bamboo Forests: ~5%, needs polish, more structures, and actual bamboo.

Bosses: ~5%, WTM, the one needs polish and completion and the rest need adding.
Enemies: ~12%, Partially WTM, most are polished but many are not added.
Items: ~9%, Partially WTM, most are polished but many are not added.
Projectiles: ~2%, Partially WTM, some are polished and most need to be added.

Dust/Gore Water Effects: 0%, After mod release, just some more effects.
Enviromental Effects: ~60%, Partially WTM, the environment is affected by events, items or armor. (check Spoilers)

Overall: 5%, WTM (duh), needs more of the everything.

This mod will be released once Prehardmode is complete or nearly complete. This will allow the team to get feedback before the full Hardmode update.

Note that this will be added to very slowly, I'd rather keep bigger secrets hidden.
NOTE: Healer class has been named druid class, please note that it could be changed to some other name.
Rich Mahogany Staff

Druid class
Heals 5 health
Uses 20 mana
Fast speed

Crafted at Workbench with 20 Rich Mahogany and 4 Jungle Grass seeds.

Rich Mahogany Axe

4 melee damage
40 axe power
Average speed
Average knockback

Raining environmental effect:
(if someone could tell me how to post a gif directly onto this thread that'd be helpful :D)

Uploaded to the mod browser as a mini-mod, Rain Effect!

Flooded Rainforest spoiler:

Ocean counterpart, this is one of the trees that spawns there. You may also see one new shield on the character.
Capture 2017-07-29 14_28_43.png
A little house I made.
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Thanks yet again :p

So far progress has been made. Earlygame now has one more ore, and that ore has a unique concept with it. World Gen has been improved significantly (among other things, there's water). Will update thread shortly.
Thanks! :D

Added underground water pools, added a bunch of tools to the now three prehardmode ores, and added some more chest loot. Also made it so you can't spawn in lava (that was a fun test). Also added traps to the underground. :)

More Major Announcement
This mod will have a healer-style class. I've already asked DivermanSam (from Thorium), so don't you say it's stealing ;) If ya'll didn't notice, in that raining effects spoiler, there's the first healer item. More will be shown later.
Welcome SnakeBlock back onto the team! :D

Progress has slown, but the floating island alts are in but unfinished, I've started the Bramble (now renamed the Barren), and finally added that gold ore alt, which also has a really weird name.

Since I feel like I should spoil rather often, here's the massive Beehives in the world:
Capture 2017-08-08 12_11_30.png
Player is on the left for reference. ;)
I do not, actually; while it would be cool to have multiple of these, it would also mean I have to redo the world multiple times, and all that entails. :p

Fixed some generation, larger tunnels spawn now, underground houses exist albeit aren't finished, and the Flooded Rainforest has those chests it needed. That means that the Flooded Rainforest is essentially the first finished biome. :D

Also having way too much fun with making all caves massive, lol.
Have fun trying to see what those ores are. ;)
Capture 2017-08-16 14_37_38.png
The Mayan Temple is going good, unfinished inside of the Temple. Torches placed by me, rest naturally made. Stay tuned for more Mayan Temple stuffs later :D

Added more tools to the four ores, added a pretty fun accessory (hint: bubbles), improved cave gen some more, fixed some bugs and played this mod myself for an excessive amount of time.
Another spoiler, this time an accessory.
(again, if someone could tell me how to attach gifs directly it'd be nice)
It's honestly pretty fun to use. Called the Magic Bubble, it is the Cloud in a Bottle alt, at least for right now. :D

Did major work on the Mayan Temple, it's far closer to complete now. The Flooded Rainforest is now practically complete, minor polishes here and there is about all I need to add. Beehives are also complete, excluding items which I'm counting as a seperate percentage. Added a couple things to ores, not as much, added the first full armor set (it's not what you think), fiddled with the Barren's generation, fixed up underground houses, added more progression, worked on the first boss, and added a way to drown outside of water.

Also, a welcome back to Small Watch! He was on this team prior to a hiatus, and now he's back. :D
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