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PC Bigmans Builds


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Welcome to my Build Thread!


bonsai+gandalf tree.png
Pope bigmans cathedral but its good.png
Space Ship.png
Capture 2021-04-07 01_31_54.png
Capture 2021-04-29 18_26_31.png
Capture 2021-05-19 00_35_35.png
Capture 2021-05-27 22_46_47.png
Capture 2021-06-20 13_22_36.png
Capture 2021-09-12 21_39_55.png
Capture 2021-09-24 00_48_37.png
Capture 2021-09-26 20_25_27.png
Capture 2021-10-05 18_20_25.png
Capture 2021-11-28 10_12_32.png
Capture 2021-12-15 18_49_49.png
Capture 2022-01-13 23_27_16.png
Capture 2022-01-20 00_21_43.png
Capture 2022-04-15 23_06_34.png
Small cathedral.png
Capture 2022-07-03 13_29_51.png
Capture 2022-07-10 20_56_46.png

Cabeedral dark.png
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Builds tier: Legendary! Thank you for posting your amazing crafts and know that you are a source of inspiration for a lot of people. And you are also in top 3 on my inspiration list :) Good luck in all your endeavours 👍


this is falsehood, he didn't include his cabeedral or his greenhouse cathedral
not wholesome 100

ok but nice work man


Official Terrarian
thank you, I do use hacks when building (fullbright and noclip, as well as using a journey mode character with everything unlocked) other than that though, its all vanilla, and made on a vanilla server, the TBC (terraria builders community)
Yeah I didnt really think u were hacking your just REALLY GOOD.

You could get really popular if you had a yt channel and posted those tho
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