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  1. Wolf kin

    Wolf kin Skeletron Prime

    So, I had an idea in my head, "I could make a biome farm, all in one place." But then I thought, "can you stack biomes?" Well, I don't know so I came to you guys

    My main purpose is to make a farm that contains the following:
    Jungle temple

    The reason I would be doing all this is rather than having to run to the jungle, to the crimson, to the corruption, to the hallow, jungle temple, you put in all in one place and get all the loot

    So here are my questions.
    Can you stack multiple biomes?
    If so, how MANY can you stack?
    Last but not least, if this is all possible, is it worth it?
  2. I'm fairly sure I've seen a multi-biome stacker using actuators and blocks from each biome to switch between the biome you want to get spawns from, but I don't remember anything else
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  3. NeoPhantom

    NeoPhantom Skeletron Prime

    Mob spawns are determined by the block they spawn on with the exception of certain mobs.

    If you have snow blocks, snow biome mobs can spawn. If you have sand blocks, dessert biome mobs can spawn.

    This means that you dont need to be in a biome to get certain mobs, just have some blocks capable of spawning the mob you want.
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    The exception to this rule are mobs pertaining to the following: dungeon, temple, underground dessert. These can only spawn if certain backwalls are directly behind the player.

    On the other hand, some mobs are particular to certain heights: harpies and wyverns near space, bunnies at surface, skeletons underground, demons in the underworld.

    Ocean biome mobs require being a certsin distance close to the edge of the world to spawn. Too far and sharks wont spawn, but jellyfish will still spawn.
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  4. Wolf kin

    Wolf kin Skeletron Prime

    Ok, I'll upload a picture in a moment, and you guys can see if what I've got planned will work
  5. NeoPhantom

    NeoPhantom Skeletron Prime

    As such at minimun you would need to farm every single possible biome is:

    1 farm in space layer
    1 large mix farm in surface layer near the center
    1 ocean farm near the edge
    1 large mix undergground farm
    1 large mix cavern farm
    1 temple farm
    1 underground dessert farm
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    For the minimun you mentioned you need the following.

    A waiting room where you can afk which is half covered in naturally generated lihzard brick walls. This allows temple enemies to appear when you stand in front of said back wall.

    A long strip of double rows of lihzard bricks. This allows jungle biome creatures to spawn when NOT in front of the backwall.

    The Corruption & Crimson should be placed to one side of the strip, whilst the Hallowed should be placed on the other. Moving closer to one side will allow souls of that type to be obtained, being near both prevents any soul collection.

    So long as the blocks have no blocks on top of them, mobs related to the block can spawn. However, souls and keys do not require killing mobs of the particular biome, only being inside the biome whilst killing the mob.
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  6. Lycos Hayes

    Lycos Hayes Plantera

    The most you can stack at once upon one site is the following:


    By building a little hut with the right materials (Lihzahrd Brick, Crimstone, Ebonstone) above the ocean, with a pool of water in it, you can draw ocean enemies to it and have a kill-room to terminate the enemies (by way of perpetual Spear Machine or you can throw a slime in there from the Slime staff). This will get you drops from enemies in those four surface biomes.

    You can also do Evil/Jungle/Dungeon by having Lihzahrd brick floors in a naturally occurring Dungeon.
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  7. Wolf kin

    Wolf kin Skeletron Prime

    If anyone wants to help, I play on Xbox 360. My gt is garnetfan8
  8. Bob The Peanut

    Bob The Peanut Cultist

    I've seen a stack where they placed contained pillars of blocks in a big line. Since it only counts what blocks are within a certain range of the player, by moving over about five or six blocks, the biome would switch. This may not be viable anymore, though, as requirements and stuff have changed.
  9. Agastya

    Agastya The Destroyer

    @DicemanX made a multi-biome grinder that can farm every biome in the game in relative safety but I'm too lazy to find the thread for it now, I recommend browsing his threads though as they're very informative.

    If you don't care about Dungeon/Lihzard drops you can simply set up an Arapaima grinder in the ocean (or any body of water) with the following blocks:

    80 Lihzard
    100 Corrupt
    100 Crimson
    300 Ice (for best results, use pink/red ice)

    Since Hallow blocks count against evil biomes, you can't add Hallow with them, but you can just clentaminate your ice block to pink ice and grind for hallow keys instead (but you'll get loads of those off discord farming anyway...)

    Building it underground allows you to farm for souls as well.

    After you get it set up and use a water candle you can just farm Arapaimas for Treasure Maps, biome keys, and coins. With a Slime Staff and Lucky Coin/Greedy Ring you can also farm money from the Arapaimas.

    If you absolutely need mobs from the respective biomes, you can just set up spawn strips off to the side and hang out in a box.
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  10. Trimerion

    Trimerion Terrarian

    the youtuber HappyDays has a pretty efficient key farm incorporating snow/crimson/corruption/jungle which when combined with the lucky coin can net you upwards of 25 plat per hour. however if you are trying to farm the mobs from the various biomes its a little more difficult.

    rule of thumb states: for artificial biomes 80 jungle/or 80 temple blocks will make a jungle biome,
    200 snow / crimson / corruption will make the respective biome (you can use purple or red ice to make corrupted or crimson ice biome)
    100 hallow grass / pearlstone will make a hallow biome (use pink ice for a hallow-ice biome 200 blocks needed )
    jungle temple cannot be moved, those mobs will only spawn in front of naturally occuring temple walls (the same applies to dungeon and spider biomes)
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  11. Lemon-Neko

    Lemon-Neko Terrarian

    i made this sometime ago, but never got to posting about it, it's not really a "biome" farm(the biome doesn't change, only the spawning surfaces do), it just spawns mobs that use terrain that dictate mob spawns. for example: the "desert lever" only triggers a few desert specific mobs to spawn(desert slime, vulture, and mummy) but not antlions and such, i think for the antlions and such, i would need to be in an actual desert biome

    edit: i forget why i put in two layers of lava (one on bubbles, and one on conveyors) ....the bubble layer destroys drops....which i dont think was intended....i should just remove the bubble layer and swap the conveyors in

    Capture 2017-03-28 14_07_10.png Capture 2017-03-28 14_07_16.png
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  12. NeoPhantom

    NeoPhantom Skeletron Prime

    Im gonna go out on a limb and say you put the lava there to prevent spawns there, making the farm more efficient.
  13. Wolf kin

    Wolf kin Skeletron Prime

  14. Jaster Rogue

    Jaster Rogue Terrarian

  15. NeoPhantom

    NeoPhantom Skeletron Prime

    Biomes for fishing isnt the same as biomes for spawning, with the exception of souls and keys.
  16. Jaster Rogue

    Jaster Rogue Terrarian

    But i mentioned it because it shows how to control biomes, which may be useful to OP. If its no use then fair enough.
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  17. NeoPhantom

    NeoPhantom Skeletron Prime

    True enough!

    I suppose I should also mention that the block number to activate biomes is quite a bit smaller in the 3ds version. Though he already said he plays xbox, its something niche to remember.
  18. Wolf kin

    Wolf kin Skeletron Prime

  19. PapaBear

    PapaBear Golem

  20. noovaak69

    noovaak69 Terrarian

    You forget about 3 small dungedon farms :)

    And id you want other small biome farms :)