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PS4 Black map again


Console Bug Priority
I have lost all my visual progress, again! My map is black except for my spawn point. This is the 5th time it has happened since the big change. Why?? Can a dev help me? It's very discouraging. I guess this is a repetitive loss of a type of data, so I'm marking it critical. It's hard to play when you can't see!


DR Studios
Hi @Twinkletoe ! I'm sorry you're having an issue with your maps retaining your exploration. Is it possible to provide a zipped copy of your player data? (settings & Achievements file/players/worlds/maps) where this occurs in order for me to replicate this issue? You can use this form to upload the files, though please reply to this thread if you able to send in some files and i can see if we can track down the issue Smartsheet Forms
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