IC Black, Tainted Calamity (A Calamity Mod Roleplay)

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"Lost in thought? Seems like the Sunken Sea can still be mesmerizing," Velika added. "A few animals in the Sunken Sea actually could develop psychic abilities. Quite interesting evolution this ecosystem has."
(Mainly a gathering in the Sunken Sea, that's about it.)

"...Okay, so, since we are just here, I should begin to focus on raising the water levels, yes?" Velika tilted his head as if he was asking quizzically, although he quickly corrects himself. "Well, progress isn't going to start by itself." Velika's metal arm flared to life again, sparkling with electricity. Portions of the cavern seem to crumble in response, and in the dust rose spider-like constructs glowing white-hot as they were being forged from the metals that were torn from the walls.
"Well, my mastery over artifice has not diminished, I can say with confidence. Go, my creations, and find more aquifers to draw upon." The constructs sizzled and cooled down before clamoring away from the Sunken Sea. "Now, back to us, we should prepare for the water level to rise. The rest of you may not have the ability to breath water, after all."

|He wouldn't be sure on what is to find in the Sunken Sea or if its possible to survive without drowning, he isn't really experienced so
he doesn't know much about tips, tricks and guides.|
"Relax, we have incredibly more time than it may seem to you. We aren't cracking a dam or opening a floodgate, after all. But as an interjection, it is still best you prepare for it regardless."
``...to be honest, I don't think I would be able to make it without drowning,
although I don't really have a diving helmet or even a potion to make me breathe water.``
(Unless 1.5 removed the [whatever the desert scourge expert accessory was called it's been too long I forgot], Esther should have that one equipped-)
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