IC Black, Tainted Calamity (A Calamity Mod Roleplay)

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Esther said:
(Well I remember the clump, but I forgot the random loot pool...)
(Mycoroot - Rogue throwing dagger, stealth causes explosion of spores.
Hyphae Rod - Magic weapon that allows you to place floating mushroom spore mines
Mycelial Claws - melee punch punch punch punch
Fungicide - ranged gun, normal bullets can split into spores
Shroomerang, rogue throwing boomershroomer, stealth makes it fire homing spores)
(Welp, Mycoroot it is because I remember having a blast with it in the past, especially with the thing from the desert shrine (scorpion spam intensifies))
(ok sir rng says you get a Mycelial Claws
which is something since a plural is something)

"Mushrooms are quite unique. Crabulon is able to sustain itself quite well without requiring too much nutrients, essentially becoming immortal, given if it wasn't killed. Near perfect sustainability. However, of course, this did not mean it was good in combat, most of its attacks were simply rams and slams. I doubt we'll see much more unique threats from the glowing mushroom habitat. A shame," Velika mused to himself.

Eri does not hold the same sentiment, "I would have thought Crabulon was a sea beast, like the Desert Scourge... But it appears the mushrooms were just being parasites and feed themselves more efficiently... Reflecting on it, I feel sick. Glad it met its end though."
|He would open his bag and get..

glowing mushrooms
mushroom grass seeds
mycelial claws
fungal clump (because treasure bag and expert mode)|

``Hey, what are these..?``
Terra notices the mess of spores during the fight and heads over to it, arriving... let's say a couple minutes after Crabulon gets killed.
*They'd shake anyways*
(I dunno if I remember this correctly, but weren't Diana and Forrest good friends pre-rewind? I have vague memories of them being werewolf buddies lol-)
Diana is even more surprised at this. "W-whoa! You can shake? Good girl!" Diana is back in her 'cute doggie' mode.
*Well, he was kinda stuck on via his sword, and isn’t about to let go of it. He tries to pull it out and jump off of Crabulon*
(Moana moment-)
(I don't recall Diana doing much after that happened, because you kinda left...)
(Fair- I think it was kinda gonna go in that direction[?] but didn't really happen because death lol.)
Diana looks at Clark. "U-um, by the way... were you the one that sent me that communication? Y-your voice sounds familiar..." She's speaking while stitching her stomach up, so as to distract herself while she works.
*He'd hand it over*
"You really don't seem concerned about that injury that may result in more similarities with Forrest."
*He'd hand it over*
"You really don't seem concerned about that injury that may result in more similarities with Forrest."
Diana shrugs. "I-I'm an alchemist, so if I became a werewolf, I think it'd be an interesting thing to experiment on. For example," Goes into Nerd Mode, and seems to gain confidence in both her manner and her speech. "could I make a concoction that would reverse the effect? Could I make a potion that enhances the effect, and make me a more powerful werewolf than even Forrest?... Which reminds me, I'd have to run some tests on Forrest to see her genetic makeup and an overall test on her power level and the chemical makeup of her blood, and..." Diana starts ranting even more about science stuff.
Esther is just watching the others.
(Hey, do you know my old OC Samuel's text color? I wanna bring him back, but I don't wanna go find the text color lol. Maybe I'll just decide upon a random one-)
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