IC Black, Tainted Calamity (A Calamity Mod Roleplay)

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Esther uses Terraria logic uses that little hook thingy that is apparently just basic equipment to ascend the rope.
Something pulses from within Eri's robes, before Eri takes out a disk, like what Velika used before, glowing every few seconds. With a few methodical taps, it comes to life.
"Checking in," Velika's voice reverberated out of the disk. "For the most part, the jungle laboratory is restored. I'm assuming the Plaguebringers were responsible for the initial crater when they broke out. How are things on your end?"
"Well, Max is unconscious."
"Despite your technology, he doesn't really know what to do with it. If it wasn't for your armor, Max might have-"
"Yes, yes, I know, 'ceased. It's why I made it a focus using tesla related equipment, armor that doesn't need too many inputs. Regardless, I'm assuming you haven't reached the tundra's laboratory?"
"...You assume correctly..."
"... Well then. When you finish up, get to the planetoid laboratory. We'll talk about the very last schematic then."
"Alright. I guess I'll see you."
"Indee- actually, does Max have the mechanism I gave him? Looks like a spinning top, I gave it to him and told him to put ice in it to attune it to the tundra's laboratory."
"...For goodness sake, remind him that he has that device, and to use it." Velika sighs, "As they say, over and out."
The disk loses its glow after Velika's message.
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