IC Black, Tainted Calamity (A Calamity Mod Roleplay)

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The mechanism begins to hover, before flying back out of the cave to go down another.

"Well, time to follow it... Sorry for asking, but are you from another time period? It's just a bit odd how you act with technology."
"Simple? If that's the case, you'd be the luckiest son of a gun now. I'm surprised your gun didn't jam, exploded, lose the rest of it ammunition, fire a dud shot, or even cripple yourself with it."
The trek to the laboratory was more or less without issue. The laboratory sat in the frozen tundra, clenching the ice as if it was an immovable metal glacier. The hum of power resonated throughout the ice crystals nearby.
``Well here we are, should we wait for the other guy to come, I haven't
really memorized your names..``

(since I don't really want to mix their names up)
As like before, Draedon's hologram waited patiently within the laboratory.
"It is surprise you took his place. However, it is not entirely unexpected."

"You know how this goes."
"Hmm. Very well. Take your schematics and logs. Pawns are always so obedient."
"We have a contract, remember that."
"It does not change anything."
"We'll see about that."
"Now, since you have found this laboratory in a pristine state, unlike my facility in the jungle, you will now face the security system, if you wish to escape. I will take any number of questions before leaving you to your fate, if you so wish."
"Expect tougher than your previous fight with my security system on the planetoid. You will be forced to defeat the security system one way or another. You cannot leave until you do so."
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