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IC Blades of Energy (IC)

Guild Combat

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|he's disappeared from the guild again, planning on quitting again since he
is too afraid to start fighting the monsters soon...|

(might make a new character at this stage..generally would rather not start fighting monsters yet and thats all.)

Elemental 131

"the doctor said its something called hetero..chromia? something about the cells in my eyes rupturing"
"oh yeah, heterochromia is something that makes your eyes different colors, though it doesn't really change much and I didn't know that you could have heterochromia eyes after you get born..."


Eye of Cthulhu
"I hope we're ready for tomorrow"

Jay can probably be found in.... wherever the hell they're storing the GSPV-35. probably either a rooftop hanger or a nearby airbase. the former seems more likely giving the setting, but the latter is more realistic. up to layn and/or you
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