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Block conversions


So it is possible to convert Dirt to Mud near water, or Honey Block to Crispy Honey Block near a Furnace, but there could be more (and they should be logic to do so).

In general, Furnace for Heating, Crystal ball for some magic conversion, Heavy Work Bench for pressing or modification.

  • Mud to Dirt
  • (any) Ice + Bucket to Water Bucket
  • Frozen Slime Block to Slime Block
Hellforge (more powerful heating)
  • Dirt to Ash
  • (any) Ice to Cloud
  • 50 Stone + Soul of Night to Dungeon Brick (any one)
Crystal ball
  • Mud to Silt
  • Snow to Slush
  • Sand + bone to desert fossil (They should be not too game breaking since mass extraction is time consuming and not very valuable in hardmode)
  • Stone/Sandstone/Granite/Marble to each other (as they are different form of stones).
  • Dirt + Mud to two Clay
  • Candy Cane Block to Green Candy Cane Block (and vice versa)

Heavy Work Bench
  • 2 Sand Blocks to Hardened Sand block
  • Hardened Sand block + Sand Block to Sand Stone block (both works on other type of sand)
  • 2 Snow Blocks to Ice Block
  • 5 Stone blocks + Stinger to Dart Trap (echo mist required)
  • 10 Stone blocks + Hellstone + Ice to Geyser (echo mist required)
  • Stone to Spike (echo mist required)
Lihzahrd Furnace:
  • 10 Stone + Chlorophyte ore to 10 Lihzahrd bricks
  • 5 Lihzahrd bricks + Stinger to Super Dart Trap
  • 5 Lihzahrd bricks + Wooden Spike + any Wood to Spear Trap
  • 5 Lihzahrd bricks + 5 Spiky Balls to Spiky Ball Trap
  • 5 Lihzahrd bricks + 10 Gels to Flame Trap

  • Rich Mahogany + Honey to Hive (at Workbench, maybe through some bee houses)
  • Crispy Honey Block to Honey Block (near water)
  • Any Wood to Wooden Spike (at Lihzahrd Workbench)
  • Dungeon Brick to any Dungeon wall with the same color (at any Dungeon or Gothic Workbench)
Also, you can use Vile/Vicious powder or Unholy/Holy/Blood water to convert 50 of any Stone/Sand/Ice blocks to their respective form and Purification powder to convert 50 evil blocks to their pure form (so more convenient and efficient than place-and-throw method)
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