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PC Blockia, A New Blocky World to discover

Blockia will introduce you into a world that has blocks and slopes with a simplistic design but fun nonetheless!
This texture pack was inspired by the Minecraft texture pack
Capture 2021-01-23 22_39_25.png

One of the Hallowed Trees Variants
Capture 2021-01-23 22_40_10.png

Another one of the Snow Tree variants (The rest will be finished)
Capture 2021-01-23 22_43_19.png

The Jungle (Yes this is a TEdit World)
Capture 2021-01-23 22_45_14.png

Forest Biome
This texture is in its alpha stage, meaning that things may drastically change
In order to use this texture pack, extract the .zip file and add that file into C:\Users\(Your windows account name)\OneDrive\Documents\My Games\Terraria\ResourcePacks

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