Bloods Scythes

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    Currently available on the Mod Browser.

    Alt download: HERE (Install in Mods Folder under > "Documents\My Games\Terraria\ModLoader\Mods" May require renaming to bloodScythes.tmod)

    Adds 57 new items:
    4 Items (1 healing item & 3 progression lock items)
    53 Weapons (All scythes, akin to those found in Thorium mod for the healer class)
    1 Block
    1 Cheat Weapon (For those that simply must)

    Warning: This mod is complete, but I feel some items may still be unbalanced, thus they may be edited to some extent in the future.
    Currently there are no plans for future additional content.

    Disclaimers & other legal stuff:

    All sprite work contained within in this mod were created by myself, Alex Mists, are subject to the Attribution CC By License(CC BY 4.0).
    All code contained within this mod falls under any licenses attributed to it by Tmodloader Development Team, blushiemagic, & Re-Logic. (it's 90% copy paste & 10% basic programming knowledge)

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    After a long time, new update! Adds a new potion, and related buff, as well as a bottomless version. Some minor bug fixes, progression changes, made crates placable, there's a change log in-game, you make it with a book anywhere.
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