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Bone Key minion

Add it?

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While getting the Bone Key after defeating the Dungeon Guardian is awesome (since it's basically your own pet Dungeon Guardian!), and can be shown off to other players, I feel like it could serve more of a greater purpose. This suggestion could go 2 different directions:

a) The Skeletron Head pet becomes an extra minion that's still equipped to the pet slot, but also is buffed from Summoner armor.

b) It becomes its own minion that might take up more than one slot (1.2, 2, 1.7, etc.).

The minion would attack in the way it follows the player; it would target an enemy and spin towards it, dealing constant damage. It would overshoot enemies by a little bit before completely locking on to them, and sticking to them until they are defeated or out of range. Without enemies nearby, it would act like its pet form.

This was a quick suggestion, but hopefully you guys liked it! Feel free to leave a comment if you have an improvement you'd like me to make or if you had other ideas for it :)

Meowmere Lord

I am ok with. there have been a lot of suggestions of how to make the thing work but at that point why... its collected for collector purposes it like collecting all boss trophies. you get bragging rights but what do you do now
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