PC Booster track+wire nonfunctional in multiplayer.

Discussion in 'PC Bug Reports' started by Rough Draft, May 24, 2015.

  1. Rough Draft

    Rough Draft Eye of Cthulhu

    So, I had this thread locked a couple of months ago as I didn't have time to babysit it any longer, but I thought I'd reintroduce this bug, as it's one that happens to everyone I know. Some background.

    1: Booster tracks, when attached to an activator of some kind (like a switch) by wire and activated, will change which direction they boost in. For example, if a booster track is facing west, and wired up to a switch, if you flick the switch, the booster track will begin facing east.
    2: This feature is completely nonfunctional in multiplayer, forcing the players using the track to hit the boosters with a hammer in order to change booster track direction.
    3: This feature functions perfectly well in single player.
    4: There is an odd effect by which a booster track, if activated via wire, is observed by a player who entered the server after the activation of the switch, they will see the booster track as having been toggled. Furthermore, they will be effected by the toggled version they see, while residents of the server prior to the activation will see and be effected by the untoggled version.
    5: Chlorophyte Ore is known to have a very similar effect, causing a lack of graphical and functional update for players on the server when the dirt converts to ore. It is possible these two bugs are related. Converted, but hidden chlorophyte, when harvested, still grants chlorophyte (rather than dirt), but has the same strength and hit effects as dirt due to the way block drops are handled (in essence, you hit the thing and tell the server you broke it, the server tells you what you get back).

    With the upcoming release of 1.3 and no mention of bugfixes, I'm worried that this effect, which renders booster tracks far less useful in multiplayer, will not be remedied. Is there any evidence that it will be fixed?
  2. critcodedtuna

    critcodedtuna Terrarian

    Boosters and chlorophyte have the same related issue -- the server doesn't notify the client of the update. Dye plants have a similar issue as well when they grow. When somebody else joins the server, they get the latest state the server has, so they can see the changes. As a workaround for boosters, it's possible to make a two-way booster bypass:


    Ideally though, it would be nice if boosters would be fixed in 1.3 so they work as they should in multiplayer.
  3. Rough Draft

    Rough Draft Eye of Cthulhu

    I know of a secondary workaround that allows booster toggles to work in multiplayer correctly, but I'm nervous of sharing it, as I'm afraid an available workaround will be seen as reason enough to not actually fix the problem.
  4. Murphmario

    Murphmario Skeletron Prime

    It would be simple really. Update the world every one second or so to the latest state.
  5. awesomegamer919

    awesomegamer919 Spazmatism

    erm... that could possibly cause a fair bit of lag (especially on older computers or computers with slow internet)
  6. Rough Draft

    Rough Draft Eye of Cthulhu

    Glad to have finally gotten confirmation that more people than me experience this bug. Now to wait a month and find out if anybody who matters cares about it.