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tModLoader Boss Highlights

Discussion in 'Released' started by A Sheepish Shepherd, Sep 7, 2018.


If the Boss Log were to have a hotkey to open with, what should be its default key?

Poll closed Apr 20, 2019.
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  1. Kakuvadas

    Kakuvadas Skeletron Prime

    Great mod! I am curious if it is the extension of boss checklist mod? Or these two are separate
  2. Yvori

    Yvori Terrarian

    This mod features its own checklist (although with almost no mod support at the moment). The two are seperate and have seperate authors.
  3. Namesomething

    Namesomething Terrarian

    It's what I was planning to do until the steps that were consistently giving me the crash when I made the previous post didn't suddenly feel like not crashing the game anymore.
    I guess I'll just give up on trying to reproduce this, it's better to just go back to playing until it happens again and trying to remember to not open the game again until I get the crash log (if it ever happens again). Sorry for the bother.
  4. Alucard3598

    Alucard3598 Steampunker

    I'm not sure if it's exactly a "log", but I figured out a crash my friend and I were having comes from this mod.
    It's been happening regularly but inconsistently.
  5. A Sheepish Shepherd

    A Sheepish Shepherd Official Terrarian

    An update has been released, fixing boss log frame drops and boss radar crashing (hopefully). Let me know if you still run into any issues! Still working on MP issues.
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  6. RoarkCats

    RoarkCats Terrarian

    Can you please look into adding Calamity, Thorium, and Tremor bosses (especially Calamity) to the boss log?
  7. Yvori

    Yvori Terrarian

    You'd be better off contacting the devs individually.

    On that topic...
    Honestly, if you could somehow use the same support system that Boss Checklist does, that would be amazing. It would greatly reduce the amount of work authors need to do to support both mods, as at least the base boss ordering on the list and summoning info could be shared. Not sure if that's possible, though.
  8. A Sheepish Shepherd

    A Sheepish Shepherd Official Terrarian

    Itll be tricky grabbing the correct info from the mods bosses. I could try just adding them in the boss log with records, but having the loot tables, collectibles, and spawn items would be a LOT of work on my end. I would have to research each boss and make sure I update my mod just to match those 3 mods alone when they update. Which could lead to "empty" updates scattered out. Im hoping that I can get these mods on board with adding the content themselves, as it will not be a huge workload on me and it will keep my mod up to date whenever they would update as they would already know whats chaged and would just need to add/remove some numbers and update some textures. I will think about adding in the pages at the least, but having their loot tables and collectibles will not be available if I decide to add them.
  9. Yvori

    Yvori Terrarian

    Could try to see how Recipe Browser grabs Modded Boss drops and stuff, perhaps?
    It grabs everything without needing special compatability per mod.
    Though it has issues with Expert and only showing the loot bags.
  10. A Sheepish Shepherd

    A Sheepish Shepherd Official Terrarian

    I actually have looked into that and have considered doing it. However the system is somewhat flawed. What it does is it simulates opening a boss's boss bag roughly one hundred times, and notes every drop it encounters. By doing that though, you cannot account for conditional drops, say "this item only drops after beating plantera", as there is no way to check that when it does its bag opening. It would get most drops, but I'd prefer to have a complete list.
    Now I have heard that proper loot tables may become a thing in tModLoader, but I have no clue when that will be or even if it will happen.
  11. A Sheepish Shepherd

    A Sheepish Shepherd Official Terrarian

    Added patch to remove debugging texts (oops) and made the "Thanks for playing text" appear once per player
  12. Dakota Spine

    Dakota Spine Headless Horseman

    May I please I have some help adding modded bosses to the checklist? I am unsure of where to look or what programs to have. I REALLY love this mod's Boss Log, it's one of the most interactive 'Boss Checklist' mods there are and it's really nice.
    I don't know if this is something you can do yourself or not, if there are a few things to add or if the mod owners themselves need to work it in.
  13. orian34

    orian34 Golem

    I think it's similar to boss checklist, where modders need to add it themselves
  14. A Sheepish Shepherd

    A Sheepish Shepherd Official Terrarian

    To add your own page you just need to call my mod within PostSetUpContent in your Mod class, providing all the necessary information needed for the pages.
    tModLoader - Boss Highlights

    As for other mods... its a little difficult, unless they do this themselves. Im trying to at least get some bosses on the checklist, but they would not have pages sadly.
  15. A Sheepish Shepherd

    A Sheepish Shepherd Official Terrarian

    Hey everyone, I was wanting to get out an update for you guys, but Im still stuck on some things. Im hoping to get the update out within the next few days, which will include an improvement to spawn items in the Boss Log and finally multiplayer support! I'll be sure to update the homepage and let you guys know when I publish.

    Have a good day
    I know I will. Its my birthday :)
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