Bosses - Easiest to Hardest


Having joining this thread, I forgot to do my own version of my list!
Easiest hardest, bosses

King Slime
The Destroyer
Eye of Cthulhu
Brain of Cthulhu
Eater of Worlds
Queen Slime
Queen Bee
Skeletron Prime
The Wall of Flesh
The Twins
Empress of Light
Lunatic Cultist
Duke Fishron
Moon Lord


The Destroyer
here is my list of the easiest to hardest bosses
king slime-easy did not even put up a fight and was the first boss i killed it 1st try (easiest )
eye of cthulhu-this one put up a fight it tried to use it minions to it avantige so did i used them as launch pads and using my night's edge and my bow (2nd easiest )
eater of worlds-killed me once because i did not have full health accidentally spawned it in and i got vengeance with flame arrows (3rd easiest )
brain of cthulhu- i fought this boss in a different world so i was over prepared to end its life (3rd easiest )
queen bee- was very annoying to take out and put up a fight but easy to kill (4th easiest )
skeletron- he was easy too but put up a big fight took out his hands and finished him off (5th easiest )
wall of flesh-i died many times tring to kill this one but i just need meteor bullets and the minishark (6th easiest )
queen slime- easy no prep need (7th easiest )
the twins- kick me everywhere i got cobalt armor and killed them (8th hardest )
destroyer- i got the dudeisuse storm bow and orichalcum armor to killed him (7th hardest )
skeletron prime- titanium armor and storm bow night's edge killed him (6th hardest )
plantera-it was annoying to find bulb so i waited and used one when found with hollowed gear (5th hardest )
golem- i found the temple fast and went in and killed golem with my terra blade (4rd hardest )
Lunatic Cultist-killed me 3 times but did it (3rd hardest)
moonlord- at this point i was weaker than moon lord (2nd hardest ) not recommended to noobs
emprise of light (night)- easy to kill after moon lord built hell bosses are my favorite type (day) i had to get back up for this one eof masicured all of my npcs and all the people on the world (night 8th easiest boss )((day) 1 hardest boss)


The Destroyer
I haven't thought out my list but Moon Lord's my Easy one ("with cheese mr. Squidward, with cheese" Spongebob Reference) and my hardest being Duke Fishron


I disagree with so many people finding Moon Lord easier than Empress of Light, the moveset pattens of EoL isn’t even that hard to learn, yes shes bullet hell and hits just as hard as Moon Lord, but the attacks are way to predictable compared to Moon Lord.
And Duke Fishron’s really just an easier version than Moon Lord because Duke Fishron is weak and predictable with goo wings (I.e. steampunk wings) and you’re always in midair


lunatic cultist is ez
Not if you mess up in Master mode cuz when he’s below 40% HP, he summons about a million ancient demons that shoot so much prophecy end attack that do up to 400 damage. And plus his other attacks it overwhelms u, I’ve just started Master Mode for the worthy and I don’t know if Lunatic Cultists gonna be as hard as it was in master
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