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Well, if you don't know what is synergy, here is the response: a synergy is like a combination of two or more things that, when together, changes the mechanics of itself.
Example: Royalty - actives when you summon king slime and queen slime
Effects: the 2 bosses get together and become a giant blue and pink slime; it can fly and summon spiked flying pink/blue slimes; their health pts fused (they becomes one ex: 20+40=60); it have the attacks of the 2 bosses.
Cosmetic changes: the ninja inside the king changes the armor to the crystal assassin armor; the giant slime uses the 2 crowns, one inside the other;

Now you know what is a synergy, lets talk about the others synergies:

Triplets: actives when you summon EoC and The Twins
Effects: the EoC will get the life buffed and he will shoot ichor (because ichor is the blood of the gods and EoC come from Cthulhu) similar to golden shower; the second form of EoC will not change to a mech form, the only addition will be it's teeth become yellow and inflicts ichor debuff with contact damage
Cosmetic changes: the iris (the color part of the eye) of the EoC will change to the color to yellow and the line of the twins will be connected to EoC.

Polen: activates when you summon Queen Bee and Plantera
Effects: the Queen Bee would to the Plantera and pick up the plantera polen, it would let queen bee stronger and the Plantera would turn to the second form instantly without losing life
Cosmetic changes: The queen bee will have yellow pixels - polen - around the body.

Hallowed: actives when you summon Queen Slime and Empress of Light
Effects: Queen slime starts in the 2nd form, if you make this synergy on day or they're still alive and there's 4:30am, the queen slime acquires the capacity of 1 hit kill and she can use sun dance when you're close, obviously, they're buffed (minor buffs but makes difference)

Cosmetic changes: queen slime and her attacks becomes rainbow in color and the EoL gets a little slimy in texture, but the colours are the same.

WormHole: activates when you summon EoW and The Destroyer (EoW can be spawned out of corruption if the Destroyer was summoned first)
effects: The EoW get buffed and the Destroyer acquires the split ability from EoW
cosmetic changes: the Destroyer probes get a green color instead of red.

Jungle guardians: activates when plantera and golem are summoned.
Effects: one of the plantera's hooks would be sticked to the golem body, their lufes would be mixed (like you can only defeat if their two have 1 hp), plantera shoot some fire seeds and receive some armor for better defence.
Cosmetic changes: plantera eats the golem head, that's why she shoots fire seeds. Golem have vines around him because of the hook.

thats it for now, i will update this threat depending of your suggestion, maybe, idk, it needs to be good (if, of course, I don't have this idea first) so you can share your idea below.

(Special thanks to: Amaro_Lunático for indirectly giving the idea
People that helped:
Kirby737 for hallowed duo)
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This is a good idea! Let me add another sinergy to the list:
Hallowed Duo: activates when both EoL and Queen Slime are summoned
Effects: Queen Slime will absorb some of EoL's attacks and then Queen Slime will have her life and stats buffed, and during her second phase Queen Slime will be able to use weaker versions of the Sun Dance and Everlasting Rainbow attacks that EoL uses. When Queen Slime has absorbed the attacks, as well after taking enough damage, she will release blobs of purple slime, which EoL will aim some of her Prismatic Bolts to. When a blob is hit by a Prismatic Bolt it will tranform into enemies similar to the Slime Princess pet, except that they have a tiara similar to EoL's one, and that they always have their wings out. The slimes will stay close to EoL and will assist in her attacks by using the same attack that EoL is using. The slimes attacks are much weaker than EoL's or sinergy Queen Slime.
Cosmetic changes: Queen Slime becomes rainbow in color while the Crown remains the same.


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Note: the synergies will not change to much the mechanics of the bosses, so I will not add to much effects because they (Synergies) needs to be beatable without taking too much time (like more than 1 night), and it can't be harder than ML
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edited: added WormHole synergy
I don't spend much time on the forums so maybe it will take a while to update and/or awnser questions
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