Game Mechanics Boulder Seed Idea


The Destroyer
I see that a lot of people in this forum love boulders (including me <3),so why not add a seed about boulders? I'm thinking about it, and I think it would be funny and curious, some ideas for this seed are:

-All traps are replaced with boulders traps
-add some boulder vanities (or pets), like a boulder mask found in cavern chests or something like that,
-rock slimes that are passive until you attack them, and being slow but hitting like a truck,
-make an armor of geodes that gives about 8 defense, with a set bonus that is that every hit you receive, you drop some small gems with low knockback,
-add a few weapons related to rocks,
-Make all boulders craftable.

Those are all my ideas so far, if you have any other ideas or you think I should change something, feel free to comment, bye and long live the boulders! :boulder::boulder::boulder:
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