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tModLoader Box of Gadgets


Box of Gadgets


This mod aims to add random useful items and features to the game. It'll be mostly items or features that give some kind of Quality of Life improvement.

  • Shovels: A new kind of tool!. They work similarly to pickaxes, but have the advantage of digging most soft soils in one hit, including all types of grass. They take a long time digging anything else however, to balance it out.
    • Old Shovel: Bought from the Merchant.
    • Plated Shovel: Crafted with Old Shovel and Gold / Platinum bars.
  • Ethereal Magnet: When equipped, increases the grab range of all floating items. This includes all vanilla souls, as well as the fragments from the celestial towers. Has a 10% chance of dropping from the Wall of Flesh.
  • Enchanted Polish: Polishes your equipment, granting stat increases depending on the prefix the equipment has. Affects any item that has a vanilla accessory prefix on it. Has a 1% (2% in expert mode) of dropping from Armored Skeletons and Blue Armored Bones. Can also rarely be sold by the Traveling Merchant in Hardmode.
  • Critter Net Attachment: When equipped, allows you to catch critters with any weapon. Also increases catched critter grab range. Can be gotten from Angler quests after completing the 25ft quest.
  • Reforging Kits: Allows you to apply a random prefix to an item under your cursor while it is on your cursor. Lesser versions can only be used on non-prefixed items. Randomly found in chests and crates.
  • Master Key: Allows you to open any lock without being consumed. Crafted from all keys.
  • Reflector Block: Reflects most projectiles. Sold by the Wizard.
  • Boulder Trap: Drops boulders when activated. Found within the Lihzahrd Temple (requires a new world). Also craftable in the Lihzahrd Workshop.
  • Auto Reforge Machine: Provides more control when reforging items, and also shows which reforges can be applied to each item. Sold by the Steampunker.
  • Chlorophyte Extractor (WIP): Allows automatic collection of chlorophyte. Just place it on top of a 7x7 area you want to collect chlorophyte from, give it power from a Lihzahrd Power Cell and some Mud Blocks then turn it on. It will start collecting chlorophyte, replacing it with mud. The machine will try to leave enough chlorophyte to allow it to spread. One Power Cell has enough power for an entire stack of chlorophyte (subject to change).
  • Lihzahrd Workshop: Crafting station used for making lihzahrd related machines and gadgets. Also works as a Tinkerer's Workshop and a Lihzahrd Furnace (and uses them on its crafting recipe). Accessories crafted in it will get the Malleable Tweak applied to them, reducing their reforging price by 25%.
New Features:
  • Tool Prefixes: These prefixes have a 1:3 chance of appearing on any tool (i.e. pickaxes, axes, hammers or shovels), and they mainly affect usage speed and reach.
    • Trashed : -15% damage, +15% use time, -1 range
    • Shortened: -10% damage, -2 range
    • Restless : -20% damage, -10% use time, +2% critical chance
    • Accelerated : -15% knock back, -10% use time, +1% critical chance
    • Reaching : +2% critical chance, +1 range
    • Enlarged : +7% damage, +10% knock back, +5% use time, +2 range
    • Extended : +3 range
    • Engineered : +7% damage, +5% knock back, -18% use time, +4% critical chance, +2 range

The mod can be downloaded from the mod browser, or from Mediafire.
This mod is open source, in case anybody wants to look at how i did things or wants to add to it. Github link.

  • Fixed right clickable items not working.
  • : New Additions, Changes and Bug Fixes:
    - Added Boulder Trap, Auto Reforge Machine and Lihzahrd Workshop.
    - Changed how Reforging Kits work, now you have to take them with your mouse and right click the item you want to reforge.
    - Made Reforging Kits more common in chests.
  • : Fixes crash when reloading the mod, and also fixes an UI bug with the Chlorophyte Extractor.
  • : Fixes Reflector Blocks being unobtainable. Still working on some other stuff for the mod.
  • : Fixes the Chlorophyte Extractor in multiplayer.
  • : Updates and New Stuff:
    - Updated to TModLoader
    - Reduced chance of getting a tool prefix from 50% to 33.33%.
    - Added new machine: The Chlorophyte Extractor (WIP).
  • : Even More Fixes:
    - Fixes the mod sometimes (or all the time?) failing to load... yeah, i'm very sorry for that.
    - Spanish translation file being wrongly encoded (making it show an * for accented letters in-game).
    - Old shovel not showing in the merchant's shop if the shop is somehow missing the copper axe.
  • : Fixes:
    - Critter Net Attachment teleporting critters to the player. It now also increases catched critter grab range to compensate.
    - Old Shovel appearing twice in the merchant's shop (and replacing torches).
    - Most tool prefixes not working as intended.
    - Some spanish translations missing accents and having other grammatical errors (thanks a lot to RascaLDiego for the help!).
  • : Updated to TModLoader, added Critter Net Attachment, Old Shovel, Plated Shovel, Tool Prefixes and Localization files.
  • : Added mod icon.
  • : Initial release, added Master Key, Eethereal Vortex, Enchanted Polish, Reflector Block, Reforging Kit and Lesser Reforging Kit.

  • @AdipemDragon for making the sprites for the Lihzahrd Workshop.
  • @jopojelly for making his mods open source, allowing me to use them as reference for most of the UI code.
  • @DivermanSam for letting me look at Thorium's code and learn from it, as well as making one of the mods that got me interested in modding in the first place.
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Quick question: mind adding a list of tool prefixes? Because I'm busy with a Terraria playthrough, and just wanting to see if there are any prefixes that are superior to the Light prefix (and the insane results when used with Efficiency Glyph from Spirit Mod)


You obtain it rarely from angler quests after completing the 25th one. I'm working on a mini wiki page where this info can be accessed better.


I've found a bit of a bug when playing with the Thorium mod. When you die, your character just stays in place with zero hp, frozen, and never respawns.


I've found a bit of a bug when playing with the Thorium mod. When you die, your character just stays in place with zero hp, frozen, and never respawns.
I can't really reproduce this, are you sure this is caused by this mod? what other mods are you using? are you on the latest version of each mod (and tmodloader)?


I can't really reproduce this, are you sure this is caused by this mod? what other mods are you using? are you on the latest version of each mod (and tmodloader)?

Yes, disabling the mod removes the error. The bug freezes my character and locks me out of even opening my inventory or settings, so I have to use Task Manager to quit TModLoader to respawn. I'm running Thorium, Unleveled, Boss Health Bar, ImKSushi's mod suite, and Better Bard Bits.


I still can't reproduce this, i have tried using all of the mods you mentioned and the player dies as normal. If there's any other detail you could mention, like the items you were using, or the way you died, could really help solve this.

J The Gamer

Skeletron Prime
You don't mind listing off how to obtain all these items? I love the Reflector Block but I don't know how to obtain them without Cheat Sheet.


... i knew i forgot something, i copied the reflector blocks from another mod i was working on, but didn't actually add a way to obtain them. Will fix it asap.
Edit: @J The Gamer They should now be obtainable from the wizard. I'm still working on other things, so i haven't had much time to work on documentation. Still, everything should be obtainable now.
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I'm getting this crash message when I try to pull items out of chests into my inventory, either by shift clicking them or slowly pulling them out:

Object reference not set to an instance of an object.
at GadgetBox.GadgetUI.ChlorophyteExtractorUI.<>c.<OnInitialize>b__10_8() in C:\Users\FELIPE VILLALONGA\Documents\My Games\Terraria/ModLoader\Mod Sources\GadgetBox\GadgetUI\ChlorophyteExtractorUI.cs:line 66
at GadgetBox.GadgetUI.UIExtractorSlot.Click(UIMouseEvent evt) in C:\Users\FELIPE VILLALONGA\Documents\My Games\Terraria/ModLoader\Mod Sources\GadgetBox\GadgetUI\UIExtractorSlot.cs:line 28
at Terraria.UI.UserInterface.Update(GameTime time)
at GadgetBox.GadgetBox.UpdateUI(GameTime gameTime) in C:\Users\FELIPE VILLALONGA\Documents\My Games\Terraria/ModLoader\Mod Sources\GadgetBox\GadgetBox.cs:line 64
at Terraria.ModLoader.ModHooks.UpdateUI(GameTime gameTime)
at Terraria.Main.DoUpdate(GameTime gameTime)
at Terraria.Main.Update(GameTime gameTime)



Maybe i should have been more specific, but held item means the item currently selected on your hotbar. However, looking at the video, i may actually be able to make it work like you thought it would :D.
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