tModLoader Boxed Houses - No More Building!

So . . . is this mod impossible to use now or what? Because I'm really bad at making houses and this mod would be a life-saver.
Boxed houses is a simple mod that currently adds one thing, houses in a box. This mod contains various houses that can be crafted and placed through the use of an item!

- Over 15 houses to pick from, each crafted from their respective material.
- Houses build one block at a time, and you can watch them build.
- Houses come with lights, chairs, and tables so NPCs can move in.
- No building time required.

Have a building you want added?
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Or find it on the mod browser.

- More houses, including support for popular mods!
- A real estate agent NPC to sell houses.
- Other buildings in boxes. Storage rooms, Workshops, Railways, and more!
More house designs.
Ideas? Leave them below!

v 1.1

- Fixed houses not clearing out space for a door.
- Houses can no longer break Lihzahrd blocks

Box sprite by The Penultimate Chimera
how do i activate it
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