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Official Brand New Terraria T-Shirts, Hoodies, and More Available on Teespring and Amazon!


Dungeon Spirit
The shirts are cool but i would do a couple a bit differently, like you got the eye of cthulhu in day time, no types of floating eyes spawn in the daytime. I'd Use king slime instead only it and fishron can be summoned above ground during the day. And skeleron for the night.


Staff member
well see...
it does have like flag-like structure
plus blood blood background
AND a crescent moon
and one other thing
in medevial times
knights wear armor similar to the one in the t-shirt
and turkey had war with medieval people
Seeing as Turkey has only existed as a country since 1919, I think you're stretching it a bit there mate.


i think it will offend some people
because i live in turkey
and they have hatred for europians
That's their problem, not ours. If anyone doesn't like that t-shirt, for whatever reason, they should simply not buy it. Whatever the case, there's nothing to complain about here.

Mr Primal

Whoa, epic! Imma look at the store and see If I can get one of the hoodies in a while. I think I'm leaning towards the logo, or the eye of Cthulhu drawing.

Horizontal 8

Are there T Shirts and Hoodies with just "Terraria" in it? And also what are you guys thoughts on Terraria weapons on a T Shirt?
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