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Bring back the old NPC death messages!

What messages do YOU want?

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Yes, it's hard too tell which NPC is dead, especially some NPCs could have the same name.

Also the Guide killed by summoning Wall of Flash could be unique like "XX the Guide shows his true form."

Then, if the Guide named Andrew was dead, the unique message would be shown:" This game seems too difficult for Red".


I see absolutely no reason to not have this, especially with all of the death messages the community is making. Support with all of my heart!


The steampunker got punked!
I would like to know which NPC it was that died & how they died because, a lot of times it just gives a random name and is like "Robert has left." and everyone is like who is that!?
If it says "Robert has left" then it's the angler that died.


I think this is a good idea, but on mobile version the death message for npcs is (name of proffesion) was slain!" and it doesn't even say their names. I always know which npc died since it literally says "Mechanic was slain!"


I'm not sure if I really made this clear, but I absolutely support this. However, I want a comedic death message where it says profession only.
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