Pixel Art Brutallama's Brutal Pixels

Hey, can I ask you something?

I recently got back into spriting, and thinking of opening up my own sprite thread, called:
sprite sauna.png

(Banner made by the awesome @iDuck)

And I'm wondering, if you could criticise my sprites when I make some?

PM me if you have any inquries.
These look 2awesome4myeyes.
It's so beautiful.

If it's possible to request,i'd like...Well...
A set composing a drill,chainsaw,jackhammer,sword and armor based on your valadium armor sprites,using those colors:
And that
You sir are AMAZING. I am personally a big fan of your sprites! :passionate:
I'd love to have you help me out on spriting with my current WIP mod if you would be interested in that...
My main area in which I am in need of new sprites is in some weapons and armor sets, although I do realize the amount of work that goes into armor sets. I would also love some npc sprites as I'm pretty new to pixel art myself.

If you are interested in lending a helping hand to me and my mod it would be very much appreciated and would fully credit you for all of your work. :)

The WIP mod I am talking about is in the signature ;)
These are amazingly well done! Suggestion: True Terra Blade
Seriously though, these sprites are better than the official sprites of the game. Keep being awesome.
As I'm sure many of you have noticed, I've not been active on the forums lately. To be honest with you all, I'm really burned out at the moment... I have almost 0 motivation to sprite anything... This saddens me, because I love it so much, And I love bringing it all here for you to see.

There's that, and the fact that I will be graduating from high school in a matter of months, and that needs to be my center of focus for a while.

Now, this is not a goodbye by and means, more of a, "so long for now."

I will return at some point, but It might not be for a little while, possibly a few months. I've got projects that need finishing, but I don't want anything but my best work to go into them.

I hope you'll all understand, and thank you, for everything you've all done for me, every like, every comment... you guys are just the best :happy:

So long for now
These are really amazing sprites!

As a note to your "see you in a while," I completely understand. I've been drained of motivation by school lately too.
There's that, and the fact that I will be graduating from high school in a matter of months, and that needs to be my center of focus for a while.
I'm glad to see someone your age actually caring about their education, schooling, and future.
The best of luck to you, we will all miss you!
So, it hasn't been as long as I anticipated... but my little break isn't officially over yet

I've been trying to get break my burned-outedness by working on some little things
Durasteel Armor.png
Tueranium Armor.png


Lunar Weapons.png

Made for this, go check it out

PHM armor remakes.png

newest additions to my game improvements line

(bonus point if you spotted me stealth update my thread a within the last couple days ;))
This is amazing... I totally want this in.
Sadly, as I've been informed, some of these things can't be a thing if I tried :(

In terraria's coding, all of the basic tools are recolored versions of the iron tools (@SzGamer227 told me this)

I suppose I could change the base iron tools, but that's all I could do in that department :sigh:

The good news is that the rest (armors, bars, ore) can be re-sprited :happy:
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