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Bubble Potion

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Disclamer: This seems familiar (but it might just be because I've had this idea for a long time) , if you read a thread similar please point it out to me.

The bubble potion is a potion that increases your inventory by a row (10 slots). It lasts for 10 minutes. When it expires the 10 items go into a bubble at the player location (does not follow you).

10 bubble blocks
1 daybloom
1 moonglow
1 bottled water


I don't think extending your inventory space with the use of a temporary potion is the way to go. What if the potion runs out when spelunking or it runs out in an area that you don't want it to? That means that you would have to empty some space from your normal inventory, consume another potion, or go home and store some items so then you would have to go back and get the items from where you lost them.

While more inventory space would be nice, making a potion that is only temporary would be almost needless, especially since we have other manners of extending inventory space with items such as the Piggy Bank.

Maybe some sort of permanent item that is an upgrade(similar to the Expert mode Demon Heart)to our inventory and then we're talking.
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