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Buffaria is a mod all about potions!
Current Version: v1.0.7 | Available on the Steam Workshop!

This mod includes combinations of most vanilla potions, which accumulate into insane mega-potions. Other additions include phials, elixirs, and injections. Phials apply debuffs to enemies, elixirs are class related potions, and injections which provide extremely strong buffs for a short period of time with a severe downside.

More than 60! Here are a couple cool ones:
Dash Potion - Allows dashing

Phoenix Potion - Allows a revive with a 5 minute cooldown

Suffocation Potion - You are immune to damage but are suffocating

Ultima Potion - Has enhanced effects of almost every potion

Wayfarer Potion - Has enhanced effects of all biome potions
More than 10! These are the most interesting:
Daybreak Phial - Attacks inflict Daybroken with a 5% chance

Gunpowder Phial - Attacks explode with a 5% chance

Death Phial - Attacks inflict a wide variety of debuffs and explode with a 5% chance
There are 5 of them! Here is the final upgrade:
Elixir of the Moon - Has enhanced effects of ingredients
There are 4 of these! Here are all of them:
Blood Frenzy Injection - Provides strong melee buffs but rapidly drains health

Deadeye Injection - Provides strong ranged buffs but rapidly drains health

E.M.C. Injection - Provides strong magic buffs but rapidly drains health

Invocation Injection - Provides strong summoner buffs but rapidly drains health
There are two consumables that aren't buffs:
Moonbeam Potion - Changes time to night

Sunny Potion - Changes time to day
Just one of them! Here he is:
Potion Enthusiast - Sells every Buffaria and Vanilla buff potion, along with some other potion related stuff
Only one of these:
Potion Mixer - Allows combining of potions
obsoleek - displaying the mod on their discord
stormytuna - NPC distance checking code
HugeKraken - Spriting Help
Arghabel - Phoenix Potion, Gunpowder Phial, Glass Potion, Sponge Potion, Palladium Regen Potion, E.M.C. Injection, Blood Frenzy Injection, Deadeye Injection
Adali - Firefoot Potion
Yeeb - Unflinching Potion
cluppenguinfan - Potion Potion and Husk Potion
Unboxing Video - Chaos Potion and Suffocation Potion
v1.0.6 Changelog
Reworked Hallow Buff
Added Swiftness Potion to Agility Potion recipe
Changed some rarities of potions

Resprited all buff backgrounds
Changed all regular potion caps
Touched up some older sprites
Resprited Double Regeneration Potion
Resprited Elixir of the Moon & Buff
Resprited Firefoot Buff
Resprited Leaping Buff
Resprited Myth Buff
Resprited Survival Buff

Removed Love and Stink Potions from Enthusiast's vanilla shop
Archived all Debuff Immunity Potions, they might make a return with a rework
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Excuse me, I'd like to thank you so much for making this amazing mod! It helped my quite a bit on my first modded playthrough! I'm going to use this mod forever! :DD
Hello, I like this mod about potions very much, I used it in my two worlds and I am very happy.
However, while playing, I also noticed some issues with the mods:
First of all, as mentioned in the comment area, the "Alchemy of the Moon" will cause some of the boss's barrage to be accelerated. I discovered this while fighting Mutan in the "Fargo's Souls" mod, and it was clearly a very painful experience.
The second is that the effect of a high-level potion overrides the effect of a lower-level potion, but some of the higher-level potions have even lower values than their lower-level potions, which makes these potions not so pleasant.
In addition, since the effects of the Superior Potion are compounded, some of the unpleasant effects cannot be turned off, such as the Gills Potion in FTW worlds, the Circle of Fire of the Inferno Potion, and the blue circle of the Impact Potion.
Finally, I'll briefly test the next specific stats for potions that I don't really like:
Ultima Potion: +5% Attack Speed, +2% Damage, +2% Critical Hit, +3% Projectile Damage,
Goliath Potion: -5% damage, -8% critical hit
Sum: -3% damage, -6% critical hits

Elixil Of The Moon: +3% Critical Hit, +2% Damage
Nebula Elixil: -15% magic damage, +1% magic crit
Vortex Elixil: -5% ranged damage, -9% ranged critical hits, -10% crossbow damage
Solar Elixil: -10% melee damage, -1% melee critical hits, -5% melee attack speed
-13% magic damage, +4% magic critical strikes;
-3% ranged damage, -10% crossbow damage, -6% ranged critical hits;
-8% melee damage, -5% attack speed, +2% melee critical hits
How do you get the NPC to spawn? I'm not finding anything about him or the potion tokens mentioned on one webpage in my game
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