Weapons & Equip Buffed Breaker Blade?

should the breaker blade be buffed?

  • what's a breaker blade lol

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hi! i'm currently a mobile user but plan to switch to PC soon enough, and after defeating the wall of flesh, i got a 16.67% drop rate item— the breaker blade. I at the time was using a Nights Edge, combined with my accessories n' such dealed usually 47-54 damage, the breaker blade did less. I got the new blade and was slightly dissatisfied. I defeated the core of the mcfrickjn universe and got a butcher knife?

i went on and spent 64 gold on reforging it, and the best i could get was massive. wow, a massive butcher knife. what an upgrade.

to ben honest, it's puny 39 damage seemed like a joke.

i think the breaker blade should be buffed not so much it can defeat any hardmode enemy one swing, but maybe just enough to kill a black recluse in maybe 4 hits. (like i said, i'm on mobile and i don't know the health of the black recluse.)

ok there's my suggestion! thanks for reading it if you did.
The Breaker Blade needs a buff, as does the Key Brand, but making it the most powerful weapon in the game isn't the answer.
I always thought the point of the breaker blade was to be high size and knockback, not damage.

However I still think it's the weakest WoF drop so I agree
I suppose I can joke about "size doesn't matter", but actually... Yeah, it need to get small buff.
The point of the Breaker Blade is knockback but I still think it's really weak for a hard mode sword, the WoF should provide the player with a sword worthy to start hard mode with and not just keep the Nights Edge.
I suppose it could do a bit more damage, but I've always liked it. It has a lot of knockback and is one of the largest swords in the game i think.
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