**REPORTED** Bug or feature?: Bubble blocks dont work for Player spawn house


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With new update (1.4) bubble blocks (from pary girl) seem to work for NPC housing (Nice update btw!) but they do not count as a border for player spawn houses.
That means a house can be suitable for NPC but setting the spawn point to a bed located inside does not work.
For player spawn houses there always need to be a border containing only normal solid blocks or platforms around those bubble blocks (and walls behind it).
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Still the case in

This house is suitable but can't be used as spawn point.
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It does not depend at size

you can do as big you want. It still will be no valid player spawn point.
We are looking into fixing this, and if it will cause any issues. Apparently this issue has an internal history of changes back and forth all the way to 2016. Surprisingly spicy drama for a minor issue like this.
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