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Discussion in 'PC Bug Reports' started by Eshu, Aug 14, 2017.

  1. Eshu

    Eshu Terrarian

    So I started playing again since the current update and whenever I use any type of seed (doesn't matter what kind) it goes gray. This happens on all my already created worlds save for one (that I've found so far). It was a pre-hardmode world if it helps. I've created a new world, all seeds come out gray. Reinstalled, made new world and the same thing happens. If the hallowed seeds spreads to stone, it comes out looking like normal pearlstone. The grass that I plant spreads into more gray grass, but anything that existed before I started recently for grass that spreads looks normal.

    I've played around with other things like the clentaminator and that comes out looking perfectly fine as well.
    72d8234ac9c32979f70b339075abb483.png 63432e116ac24709f12222ff7ab531d4.png
  2. KM132

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    Do you have a Paint Sprayer (or the Architect Gizmo Pack) equipped? If you have it equipped and turned on, it'll automatically use paint on seeds that you plant, which will then spread more painted grass when it grows.
  3. Leinfors

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    That's definitely accidental Paint Sprayer use. You can deactivate it with a button in the top left corner.
  4. Eshu

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    I don't have a paint sprayer or any paint being carried. Like I said its not happening to all my worlds and I was using the exact same inventory, I have a brush etc in my inventory but 0 paint or anything that would auto place it. lol

    What I was equipped with at the time, not that it matters much since it wasn't posted originally:
  5. Leinfors

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    @Eshu, if you want to upload the world file, and additionally, perhaps the character file, you are more than welcome to, and we can look into it.

    The only other possible explanation I can think of is a desaturated grass texture (which would happen from using texture packs) or some sort of mod that's giving you the benefits of the paint sprayer/architect gizmo pack.