Builders; How do you do it?

How do you get inspiration for what you want to make and actually put it together in game? Maybe I just have the imagination of a piece of sand but I can't, for the life of me, come up with an interesting looking build or base.

I'm doing a multiplayer game with some friends and I'm trying to create a nice looking sorta cultist-y themed base, (something that would fit a summoner in my mind), but I can't decide how I want it to look or how to begin. If you have any advice, I'd appreciate it for sure, buildings my worst aspect in games like this.


It all starts with a crackpipe.

Only joking. I can't answer your question but will give other insight. I've built a ton. A TON of things over time. The more you build the better at it you get. I think most experienced builders can agree with this. Although I do have preferences and styles, one thing I always aim to do when building is to make something new. Different from other things I've done.

Sometimes I don't have any ideas and things come to me as I build. There's tons of ways to spice things up that usually end up in interesting builds:

1 - Try to make structures only using material that you find in the biome.
2 - Try to make an object. For example I once made an 80 block high hourglass in the Jungle.
3 - Attempt to emulate 3D. The game is 2D but with the right tricks you can make things look 3D.
4 - Clay Form It. Start with your "Clay". This could be a giant square of blocks. Slowly chip away at it block by block until it looks the way you want it.

Tricks is another thing. Always best to have the following as they really open up your possibilities:

1 - A Hammer
2 - Items that allow you to paint objects
3 - Actuators. This will allow you to place a block but then switch it off physically so you can still walk through it. Works nice for shading too.
4 - LIGHTS!!! Lighting, especially underground, can give some great effects.

Best part is to have fun.
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