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It Doesn't For Me
[DOUBLEPOST=1436603519,1436603410][/DOUBLEPOST]How Long Till This World Is Being Updated To 1.3? Also This Map Should Also Add A Boss Arena And Mob Farm :)
This world is updated with 1.3 stuffs.
This map only provides items, you can build farms and arena from stuffs in it.


It's got the 1.3 items, Tel just hasn't had the time to sort them yet. She's been busy of late, cut her some slack.
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Dunno why, but after loading a map game crashes/freezes.
Not sure, maybe an issue with memory? I have a pretty decent computer and this always lags when I load in, lots of stuff loading on the screen at once. Try a smaller window size for Terraria? In any case, I've not had any other reports of this particular issue.

For those wanting sorting I should have at least a partially sorted version up tomorrow evening. No promises on having everything in, but there should be a decent chunk of things out of those chests so it is easier to find the stuff you want.


I haven't found fishing nets. I think I am overlooking them.
Assuming that you mean the nets to catch bugs I believe the gold ones are in one of the fishing chests. The regular ones probably aren't, just grab some cash and visit the merchant.

they added the celestial tablet that you should add if you didnt see that already. its the summoning item for moonlord
I updated the map to include this the day the patch was released.


Yes it was the gold one I was looking for. I haven't found it, not have I found the super absorbant sponge or bottomless water bucket.


At least the last things you mentioned are in the chest where the waterbuckets are. Its the one with the waterfall.


Fantastic as always, Tel. Loki's box is missing his unique dye, but that's literally the only thing I found wrong with the map. :dryadsmile:


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Should be with miscellaneous furniture/decoration.
I see, I think my issue was that I gotten a 1.3 version that is earlier than the current one (or that I assume it would be with the weapon racks sue to function)

I see you added the monolith as well.
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