Bulletin Board and Pinup Posters

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    Bulletin Board:

    I find clicking on the Guide for Advice to be kind of inaccessible. Have to move to him, click on him, then target the little Advice icon. Two distinct mouse target areas with clicks.​

    If the guide gets a a room, he should put up a bulletin board on his room's wall automatically. If I mouse over the bulletin board (no click), it should pop a text bubble with his advice on what I should be doing. Easier and more obvious for new players.​

    Pinup Poster:

    You can buy this from the Merchant or Painter. A wall decoration like a painting.... but this painting gets a little crazy. It pulls its content at player login from a well known URL on the Relogic website. The folks at Relogic can push out a little image and mouse-over text message to the players, change it on a monthly or daily basis. Showcase little bits of pixel arts from the players. Product release announcements... whatever Relogic thinks will dazzle and amaze us. If they fail to entertain... we simply chip down the Poster and throw it away...
    Personal Paintings:

    I keep thinking we should have a little in-game paint program to draw or upload images and hang them on the walls like in-game pictures.... then have a way to send them to Relogic from in-game. Maybe have a "Reviewers Painting" where random players can vote and curate the submissions before Relogic even looks at them... Crazy talk. ​
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